How Much Weight Have U Gained

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moe - October 7

I am currently 6 1/2 mo preg and I have gained about 15lbs!!! How much have you all gained and when are you due??? I am due mid January.....


N - October 7

I am due november 24th, so i'm 33 weeks and i've gained 28lbs.. YIKES! That's almost a pound a week.. except that i didn't start gaining until about week 17.. Atleast it's slowed down a bit.. and this is going to be one big baby (for me anyway)


moe - October 7

thats not bad at all, good for you I hope I gain as much as you, I gained 70 with my first and over 55lbs with my second so i am doing very well with only gaining 15 so far.....good for youuuu


Lara - October 7

I am 36 weeks and I have gained 28 far


jb - October 7

I am 21 weeks. Last time i was weighed i was 19 weeks and i had gained 8 pounds.


val - October 7

I was weighed at my dr appointment today, I am 13 weeks due April 15 and I have only gained a pound.


Amy - October 7

hi i'm 21wks tomorrow and have gained 31 lbs


Marie - October 7

I am 38 weeks and I have gained 17 pounfd.


Marie - October 7

Oops, pounds, I mean.


karine - October 7

8 weeks/4days i lost 1 pound LOL but with my first pregnancy i gained only 10lbs, and with second...i gained 15lbs. Wich i lost almost all of it...i still had 5lbs to go when i got pregnant this time. Both my kids were healthy and born at 6lbs-9ounce and 6lbs/11ounce


Jamie - October 7

15 weeks due 3/27/06......0 pounds!!


Jasmine - October 7

26w2d and I gained 8 pounds total according to my last weigh in on Sept 28th. Everyone is different. I think 15 pounds is good. I was a bit over weight when i started by about 10-15 pounds.


M.F - October 7

Im 6 months and one week I've ganied 10 pounds and due in the middle of Jan 2006


Lisa - October 7

I'm in my 18th week and I gained about 6 pounds.


tiffani~25 days to go!! - October 7

Yikes, i'm almost 36 weeks and have gained 36 lbs. Damn it all! ;o)


Tammy - October 8

I am due on 10/28 and had only gained 17 pounds. At my 2 week visit on Wednesday, I gained another 8 pounds which brings me to 25. My feet and legs are so swollen my doctor things some of the gain is fluid.


Janice - October 8

Im 31 weeks and I've gained about 34 pounds...hehe d__n thats a lot of weight... Before I got prego I never weighed over 120 now I weigh 154!!! Oh my god no wonder its getting hard for me to move around.



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