How O Conceive A Baby Girl

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SoReady - April 1

Hello Ladies: I am starting this thread because I want to hear any and all ways that you ladies may know of to conceive a little girl. I know there are tons of old wives tales out there and I would love to hear them all. Lets have fun with this thread and share theories!


SoReady - April 2

Here are some ways that I have heard of to conceive a baby girl: 1.)Bd 2 and 3 days before ovulation. Males sperm swim faster then female sperm but they die sooner. This should only leave female sperm during ovulation. 2.) Refrain from having an orgasium. The fluids released in an orgasium will help protect and energize sperm. By not having an orgasium you would be hindering the male sperm. Since female sperm have a stronger protective coating then male sperm which makes them live longer, they will still be able to reach the egg. 3.)Chinese conception chart 4.)I have heard that there are foods that a woman can eat prior to getting pregnant that will make her v____al area more acidic. This would help eliminate the male sperm. 5.)***military*** My husband is in the military and he works around different radars. Soem radars are known for decreasein male sperm.


Brenna - April 2

I had orgasms when I concieved both of my little girls,so I don't think that one works.Doing it 2-3 days before ovulation might work,that is when it happened with my second daughter.If we ever decide to have another baby,my husband and I would both like to have another little girl.Good Luck!


kimberly - April 2

If you search natural gender selection a bunch of sites pop up claiming to be able to give you a choice. The only one I have read that made sense is that female sperm are not as strong as male sperm and swim slower so you should have s_x 2 to 3 days before ovulation, because by the time the egg gets there all the boy sperm will have already been there and died and then here comes the girls. lol! But, it does make sense if you think about it. I tried it and I did get my girl after having 2 boys already but I have no idea if it worked or if it was just gods way.


Cain010507 - April 10

Chinese conception chart doesnt work, I wanted a girl but Im having another boy!!! lol, although my hubby's theory on it, which he says is a FACT. lol He said when you guys are having s_x, right before your hubby/bf ejaculates make him pull it as far out as possible but not to come all the way he said that should get you your girl cuz boy sperm dies quicker than girl sperm... Thats a mans perspective on things, then again he is the one that asked me while pregnant during s_x if he could get me pregnant again while I was he is so goofy sometimes!


SoReady - April 11

Cain - I think that your husband isnt far off! Male sperm swim faster then female sperm but the die sooner. So by pulling out a little they would have farther to swim, thus dying along the way. I was hoping that there were some ladies out there who had heard off some off the wall way of conceiving a girl. From foods to eat to old wives tale.


kari_4 - April 13

I am ttc a little girl and I took calcium and magnesium supplements every day and we bd'd 2 days before o. We did things "by the book" from what research has we're praying that it worked. I am currently 5 days past o. just waiting waiting. symptoms have been cramping since friday and soooo tired. Today though not much cramping at all but temp dipped drastically this morning. wierd.


SoReady - April 13

kari - Good Luck! Let me know if you get a BFP and def. if it is a girl! I want a little girl really bad and we too are going to do everything by the book.



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