How Often Does Your Baby Move

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Jenny - April 1

I'm 25 weeks and I'm only feeling my baby move early on in the mornings, throughout the day I don't seem to feel anything. My midwife told me that at 26weeks I should be feeling him at least 10 times every 2 hours. I can't see that happening though, he seems to be asleep all the time, unless he's moving and I'm just not feeling it. Does the fact that he doesn't move muvh indicate anything? Should I be concerned? Would appreciate any info. Thanks


29 Weeks Pregnant - April 1

Jenny, is this your first pregnancy? I dont think you really need to be concerned. My baby does move much when Im home but when Im at work, its like he/she is doing jumping jacks. If you are that concerned perhaps you should talk to your doctor. Every baby is different...I certainly dont feel Mine 10 times every 2 hours. But thats just Me. Hope I have helped a little. Melissa


Jenny - April 1

Melissa, Thanks - you've definitely helped. I don't feel him move at all whilst I'm at work so I was getting concerned thinking that I should be feeling at least a flutter. I think every baby is different though like you say and it doesn't necessarily mean that one is going to be more/less healthy than the next. Thanks!


nicole - April 1

i was told i should feel him 12 diff times a day, not total. and he sure moves a lot more than that.


Lori - April 1

No Jenny. My baby kicks in the morning when I wake up and when I go to bed at night. You could be so busy that you don't notice them or you could be sleeping right through them. I don't feel my baby kick 10 times every two hours. My doctor told me its normal and everyone and every baby is different. hope this helps


Sarita Sanders - April 1

I got this info from a baby book I read with my first pregnancy. The explination behind why you may not feel your baby moving too much is because when you walk and move during the day, your baby is lulled to sleep. Kinda like rocking. When you are asleep, your baby comes awake. Hence, baby's not sleeping through the night at first. This could explain why you only feel the lil angel in the mornings and not so much during the day. Hope this helps.


Erin(36 weeks with 3rd) - April 1

up untill the 3rd trimester i could not feel him move if i was busy with something else. i never felt my other 2 that much! i think everything is fine he is just relaxed. i felt my 2nd son about 2 times in a day. now this one is always active. it just depends on the baby.



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