How Soon After Birth To Be Pregnant

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Mary50 - May 10

We just had our baby 6 months ago and think we are pregnant again, keep in mind on Birth Control. We are so confused and scared, what is the best time to get pregnant?


olivia - May 10

I personally think if you got pregnant on birth control it must be "meant to be". I have an 8 month old and am 2 months pregnant. It is really hard at moments because I am so tired, but I look forward to the years ahead. I don' t know when the best time is, but this seems like it will be okay! There is not medical harm in you being pregnant if that is what you are worried about. As far a money -- you can wait around forever to have the perfect set up and miss out on having the perfect family. Good luck to you.


dee23 - May 11

hello there :) dh and i wanted to have another bubs as soon as possible afterwards so our kids would be close. but i dunno, doc recommends to wait atleast a year or 2 to give the body time to re coop. ive heard that in the second preg some dont handle it as well as the first and dont heal as quickly or loose the weight as fast afterwards.....but i dunno....that prolly wont stop us! i havent been in the situation so im no expert.....but even if the info is from the doc....i dont like her much anyway....have lots of fun :)


KellyO - May 11

I just heard on the news a couple weeks ago of a study's that were done and they suggest that you should wait 18 months after one and no londer than 58 months. Just what I heard. Congrats!


snugglybugglys - May 11

I was on BC with my last 2 pregnancies...and it only happened 3 months after my c-sections. My babies were perfectly healthy, and my body is just fine. I agree completely with olivia...that it is "meant to be". So congrats on your pregnancy!


Bluemonster - May 11

I read about the same study as Kelly0, that there has been research that suggests the "optimal time between pregnancies" is from 18 months to 58 months, but that doesn't mean you can't have a perfectly healthy child if you conceive before or after those times. I got pregnant with my second daughter when my first was only seven months old (and I was on birth control as well) and she is a very healthy 9 month old now. I was a little more tired being pregnant and having a toddler to chase after, but I didn't have any complications and her birth was way easier than my first daughters'. Plus, because they are only 16 months apart, they play really well together. Of course there is always going to be sibling rivalry and jealousy, but there's not much. And I came out of the other end alright, too. So, if you are pregnant despite the birth control, just make sure to get early prenatal care and take good care of yourself, and most of all, enjoy it!


Mary50 - May 11

Thank you very much. I feel so much better now. Thank you.


cherylof5 - May 11

HI, I'm new here! This is a great site. My 1st was 4mo when I got pg, my 2nd was 6m owhen I got pg, my 3rd was 7mo when I got pg and my 4th was 7.5mo when I got pg. (He is going to be a year next Tues and I am due in Nov) Ihave a 4, 3, 2, almost 1yo and expecting our 5th. I believe you will get pg when GOD see's fit. :)


falafal0 - May 11

The best time is when you think you can cope with another baby crying in another room for you while you're feeding the first one! My sister was only just 2 month sold when my MIL fell pregnant with my husband, they were born in the same year - just! If you think you can do it, go for it. As for Cherylof 5, girl, you've got to stop having s_x and get some sleep!! :-) I think that's awesome - you must be one of those women who were meant to be a mother, you must have some really tough days. Good on you. I have a 9, 7 and 3 year old and am due in August. Another one perhaps (perhaps) close after this one then that'll be it, though I've needed a bit more of a gap than you! You must be like a mother duck with all her baby ducklings walking in a row (as dispordelry as it may be!) behind her. Awesome. Imagine when you are a grandmother with all your children and grandchildren around you - nothing better than that.


cherylof5 - May 11

falafalo, I do have some difficult days, but they are overcome when I get all those tiny arms around me at once! They all do actually hold hands when we are out --in birth order, it is so cute!! LOL They are a blast and I have so much fun. I just widh other's views would be more accepting to larger families, especially when we aren't asking for help by anyone wether it be $ or anything else, lol. I do look forward to those days when my kids and grandkids are all around. i just leave it up to GOD to decide what is right for our family. HE's done such a wonderful job already!!



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