How Soon After First Baby Did You Have Your Second Baby

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joy06 - March 9

Is there a time that is considered safe to start trying for second child? 8 months too soon? If you had your second soon after the first was it difficult to manage with two very yound children?


Mellissa - March 9

I have a two and half year old daughter, and i'm 21 weeks pregnant now. we got pregnant this time last year, but had a m/c in April. i was really hoping to have my children much closer in age, but my hubby got sent to Iraq 4 months after our daughter was born. :( A friend of mine got pregnant 3 months after giving birth..and is very happy with having her babies so close. I think it just depends on your situation. Are you a stay-at-home mom who has a lot of time to divide between two children right now(i wish i was!!)? is your baby the type who always wants attention or is independent? (my daughter is VERY INDEPENDENT..wants to do everything for herself)... I would take things like potty training and weening from the bottle into consideration. my sis has two girls within a year of each other, and was able to potty train them at the same time!! amazing!!! :) sorry if i didn't help much.. just thought you'd like a response and this is just my opinion. :)


Mommy - March 10

My kids are 11 months and 20 days apart. As of right now, I am taking care of a 21 month old and a 10 month old. I am just fine and so are my kids, but I am sooooo busy. I'm glad though, because in the long run it is easier. They will always have a playmate, clothes generally don't go out of style in 1 year, at least not for boys, and it's fun to watch them kiss and hug each other before they think it's gross or gay. Also, diapers are another thing. At the beginning it's expensive, but for the past 3 or 4 months my kids wore the same size so instead of 2 bags, just got the big bag with the same size. My body is fine, aside from extra baby fat on my hips and stretch marks. So it's cheaper overall to have them close, but harder for the first few years wiith potty training, ect.


molliejoy - March 11

My husband and I wanted to have kids very close in age. Our son and daughter are 15 1/2 months apart. Then we had another son just 13 months after our daughter was born. I suggest it if you are used to big families and lots of housework. They are all under 4 now and it's hard some days. Then there are days when they are so loving and helpful. They are not at all selfish either. They have never known how to be selfish. Our first was so laid back and needed no attention. I thought I could have ten that way, well along came Grace, she needed attention 24/7! She was allergic to everything and had colic. Next came Hunter, same as the first, Jake. He is so laid back. If you want a bunch in a short period of time, go for it. It's worth it. Just be ready for diaper duty! We had 3 in diapers for almost 7 months. I think we changed about 28 diapers a day! But when that last ones out of diapers, your done. We took the bottle away just before each of our kids 1st birthday. It worked great, esp. b/c they wanted to be like the big brother/sister. They are trying to cheer on the baby now that he's potty training. He sees them and wants to do it. Also, mine were all c-sections. It works for us. I'm ready to have another, but I'm letting my body heal some more. The youngest is 18 months and I'm only 23. I've got time. Hope this helps.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 13

My girls are 18 months apart. Its hard, but my toddler is really good with helping out and waiting her turn when I am feeding my other daughter. As long as you have help from your husband or someone you will be fine.


hlp - March 20

I had my first in 12/03, then my second came on 01/05.....about 13 mos later. I am now pregnant with #3. This one will be 21mos younger than #2. When this one comes in Oct, I will have 3 under 3. It is really busy, but I love that they are all so close in age. #1 is potty-training herself right now, so is appears that I will only have 2 in diapers...thank goodness! I also got rid of the bottles nu age 1 and that has been so nice! I think you should do whatever feels right for you. My sister had her kids 3 years apart and that is perfect for them!


autosuggestion - March 29

my first and second are 6 1/2 years apart but my second and third are not so lucky mydaughter was 7 months when i conceived


gwendellynn - March 29

my 1st is 7years old and im preg for my 2nd


Karen_Fletcher - March 30

my friend fell preg with her 2nd daughter 3 months after her 1st and copes brilliantly.. they are now nearly 2 and 3, admittidly she doesnt work (her hubby), but she gets to focus on her wonderful children!!


Stace - March 30

I think its lovely to have kids close together but unfortunatly things don't always go to plan. I'm finally expecting my second 61/2 years after my first.


HannahBaby - March 30

my kids will be 22 mo nths apart. i got pregnant the month of my daughter first birthday. My dr advised waiting a yr to try and that what i did waited exactly one year


sugarbaby18 - March 30

my mum had a baby and concieved again just around his 1st birthday and she copes fine with it but it was her 3rd and 4th babies so maybe you should wait until ur 1st is a little older incase it is bad for ur body or stressful


ms.keenya - March 31

Well my daughter is 5months old, and I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant. Meaning they will be at least 13 months apart. I was so shocked to find out that I was expecting again. I know that it will be challenging but I just keep praying to God that he will give me the strength to endure the trying times. And the love and patience to take care of both of my babies. I do have a question though. My daughter was born by c-section does anyone have any advice on how to take care of it or has anyone ever experience that before. That kinda scares me. Not sure how my body will handle not being fully healed fromt he first baby.


cathi 25 - March 31

I wait 7 months before we started to try we were pregnant about 3 months later.


HannahBaby - April 1

i would be VERY careful with this pregnancy ms. kenya. I worked on a maternity floor and if you incision isnt FULLY healed there is a chance that as your uterus is growing, it could begin to open again....not good. Iw ould talk to your doctor ASAP!! Good luck!!


miami_loca - April 2

my kids are 13 years apart! I had my first @22 yrs old, and my 2nd at 35! Im actually kind of glad i did it this way, my daughter has been SO helpful with my newborn, (born 3-23) :)



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