How Soon Can I Take A Test

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Kiersten - February 8

Hey everyone. My t_tle basically says it all. How soon before my missed period can I take a test? And what brand do you suggest? Thanks for your input!


tryin44 - February 8

You can take it the day of missed period. AQ earlt results test can detect it a couple days before your missed period sometimes up to five days early. The dollar tree tests are great and detect pretty early results.


Miloswife01 - February 8

Ok heres what I have just recently read. most tests claims that they can detect pregnancy up to four days before a missed period but they did a study and found this to not be the case. Most tests can't detect till the day of your expected period. I used Clear blue easy digital with my daughter and with this pregnancy and I tested the day before my missed period. I also bought a pack of tests that had three in it and I dont remember the brand and then I bought Answer that had 2 in it and all five of the ones came back negative I took tests or about a week and It didnt show positive till the day before


momma3tobe - February 9

I tested 3 days before my missed period and got a negative with the Walmart test, 2 days later the Dollar Tree test was a very faint positive (still really couldn't tell)so I got a digital test and it was clearly positve so the digital test worked earliest for me.


moescrilla - February 9

the tests that detect pregnancy five days sooner do work, however, if you read the box it will tell you that (I think this is the first responses facts) its 69 percent effective four days before, and it increases to like 92 percent 1 and 2 days before, and I think 3 days before is the the 80's percentage. Hope this helps. I went to my grocery store and got there generic early test and it detected this pregnancy 1-2 days early.


Kiersten - February 9

Thanks guys! I still have a little while before I can test but I'm kind of anxious! :)



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