How Soon Can I Tell If I Am Pregnant

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Nataliah - August 27

my husband and i had unprotected s_x tuesday night, but he "pulled out" and it was during my ovulation time.. my period isn't due for another 8-9 days. how soon can i take a test, or should i wait to see if i miss my period? thanks in advance


Katie - August 27

I would wait. You need to give the pregnancy hormone time to develop, and if you buy one now and it comes out negative but you really are pregnant, you just tested too early, then its a waste of money. Good luck to ya! Let me know how it goes when you do take a test or get your period. You can read my situation under "signs of pregnancy" then "21 and might be pregnant.


Katie - August 27

Also, I heard the best time to test is 7-10 days after your period would have ended.


nataliah - August 27

katie, thanks! good luck to you to. i'm sure you will be fine. and even if you wind up pregnant, you are engaged now, and shouldn't worry.


Teddy - September 15

I would like to know now if I am pregnant because it is driving me crazy. My doctors app. is not for another 2 weeks. How can I myself know if there my be a great chance that I am pregnant.


bj - September 22

well if your husband pulled out your probally not pregnant. But just in case wait to see if you get your menstural cycle.


vonda - September 22

the withdrawal is not always ineffective, because there is s____n released before he ejaculates. it is a possibility to be pregnant if it was done around ovulation. If you are let us know!


aly - September 22

25 in every100 couples end up pg within a year using the pull out method. Good luck and keep us posted


skye - September 22

I am in a very hard situation myself I am 5 days late for my period, It normally comes every 30 days. I had unprotected s_x 3 times before my period was due ( so within the week my period was due) it has not arroved yet. What should I do? What are the chances I am pregant?


amanda - September 23

i would wiat untill you have or miss your period, you could take one now but the chances of finding out so soon would be slim to none, it would probably end up saying your not but you mght be so if i were you i would wait untill or if you miss your period.


Skye - September 23

My period is now 6 days late and there is still no sign of getting my period, although i have been having strange cramping. I did a preg test last night and it was neg. Im not sure what to do as it was last week that i had all the unprotected.


Wendy - September 27

Just wanted to let you know our 5 mo. old daughter arrived from the "Pull Out Method", but she is WONDERFUL and we are working on another :-)


michelle - September 27

im only 13 and my bf did not pull out and a day later i took a test and it came out positive


Susie - September 28

I am 3 days late now (trying to get pregnant) but I took a test on the first day of my missed period and it was negative. I am also having that strange cramping! I just want to know!


Betty - September 29

what the heck is nataliah talking about engaged? A "husband" is your partner after marriage. Your partner while you are engaged is called your "fiancee". Anyway, the pull out method isn't always effective. The best way is to go get a test done at your dr. office after you miss your period.


Alexis - September 29

I am 15 and I dont want to get pregnant so I just have oral or a___l s_x with guys, but somehow I got pregnant.


Jay - September 29

to Alexis..I cant believe you are only 15 having oral and a___l s_x....Please re-think your s_xual behavior...Nothing good will come of these actions...As for your pregnancy....I hope all is well and I hope that you will check out your overall s_xual health...Please NO MORE a___l AND ORAL s_x....IT SPREADS DISEASES YOU HAVENT EVEN HEARD OF AND WONT KNOW YOU HAVE....



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