How Soon Does Your Stomach Get Hard When Can You Something

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Nikkele - September 10

Hi, I think Im pregnant. My period is supposed to come Saturday Sept 11th. I have had ALOT of unprotected s_x on so many days Ive lost track. Definetly had s_x on my supposed most fertile days or when I was ovulating. But I just went off my pills around August 11th or 12th. I had a full period a day or two after I quit the pills. Im not sure when to take a test because ya im supposed to get my period saturday according to the pills schedule, but before I got on the pill, I had irregular periods. Plus Ive been told your period usually comes late when you come off the pill anyway. So is Sunday a good day to take a test? Also Ive been feeling soooo tired, very hungry, very minor br___t tenderness (only occasionally), and I feel really weighed down like the way you feel when you have your period, like gravity is pulling my stomach down lol its weird, and Im peeing soo much. I weigh 105 lbs, and Ive been small like that all my life, I was wondering if my stomach could be hard or feel different this early. Like it hurts sometimes when I push or feel in places. I get aches and somewhat cramps sometimes. I feel bloated like everyday for the past week. And I get slightly nauseated after I eat. How far would I be if I am pregnant? My last period started on the 14th and ended on th 21st. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP I GET I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!


Viv - September 9

Tired, hungry, b___sts, peeing, nausea, bloated. It sure sounds like you are pregnant. Bowel function can change because progesterone relaxes the smooth muscles and food moves through the intestine faster. If your body was planning a 28 day cycle you would have ovulated on the 28th and implanted yesterday. That doesn't compute for all the symptoms you are having. My guess is that you ovulated right after your period. If you want to take an hpt today, go ahead, but I'd buy a 2-fer and use the second this time next week. Sometimes those hormones take a while to build up. Make sure to follow the instructions about first pee in the morning. Come back to this thread and let us know the result.


Nicole Gilliland - September 10

You could possible be pregnant! I am now 4 months along and I had some of the same feelings when I found out. When I finally took the test it came up positive, and the very moment I found out I went to the doctor. I was already a month and a half along. My best advice is to go to the health dept. they are very accurate. good luck!!!!


April - September 10

I agree. Take the test in the morning. and dont drink anything before hand. Your hpt levels will be highest in the morning. If you are anxious.. go to the doctor and get a blood test. Som pregnancy tests dont show as early. I took clear blue on the 18th of August, As far as I know I conceived on the 2nd of August. The test came out negative. But the blood test positive. This means I was about 4 weeks at the time. Go with the cheapy ones and get two.


Niki - September 10

I want to get this blood test if the tests come out negative this weekend/next week. So would that be a good time? Or do I need to wait a certain amount of days or what?



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