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andrea - April 27

hi ladies i am currently ttc, and i am a smoker, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on safe methods of quitting seeing as using over the counter stop smoking remedies could be just as harmful as smoking itself, to the baby. i have quit before, but did it 'cold turkey' and i know how hard it was. knowing that i am ttc still isnt making it any easier, i want to do what is best for my health as well as the health of my unborn baby when i do conceive, so i was hoping that anyone could provide me with some suggestions, thank you so much. good luck to everyone


bump - April 27



Eryn - April 27

Try to think of it this way. After the first seven days of quitting it is no longer a physical withdrawl but a mental withdrawl. Your body is no longer craving nicotine but your mind is.


Missy ~edd 10/2/05 - April 27

I was a smoker for about 6 years - at one point well over a pack a day. My fiance is not a smoker. We went on vacation last year for 7 days. I agreed that I would not smoke the whole time we were in Mexico. By the time we ran around and swam and had fun, I forgot all about smoking. And when we got home, I figured if I could go a week, I could keep going. So, my suggestion - VACATION!! LOL, really, my suggestion is to surround yourself with people who don't smoke and try to stay away from people or situations where you would normally smoke. Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you!!


andrea - April 27

thanks girls, i am glad to know that i am not the only one who has had to battle with quiting smoking, as i feel a little rediculous even asking this question, but had i known how hard it was when i started smoking to quit, i wouldnt have done it in the first place lol as well as many other reasons, and missy congrats on your due date, i wish you the best of luck


Amy - April 27

I too am a smoker. I feel really horrible about it. I talked with my doctor and she prescribed the patch. I am apprehensive about using it. But I will try anything to help the health of my baby. So please talk with your doctor and see what he/she suggests. They can try different things to see what one is right for you. Good luck


andrea - April 27

thanks amy for talking about the patch as i forgot to mention it...i do have it at home...all three steps, but i too am apprehensive about that since it is still putting the nicotine in my system, and each mg cycle you have to use for 2 weeks at a time, but we will see i might have to break down and use them, also i did just get a hypnotism ( sp ) tape, so i think that i am going to give that a shot...i will keep you posted. good luck to you too.



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