How To Avoid My Cravings

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livdea - March 7

Hey girlies, so I'm just about 22 weeks now and have been feeling really good. Though I'm wanting to eat ANY kind of starchy junk. Mac & cheese sounds good, speghetti, breads, puddings...everything bad I want to consume! I've always eaten very well and I exercise regularly and I want to continue eating healthy but I just seem to want to eat mashed potatoes, corndogs....ALL OF IT! I know this is normal but are there any tricks out there to statisfy me but not over indulged at the same time?


cattac - March 7

YES! somebody please let us know...i'm in the same boat except with chocolate and wendy's! NOT good!


pbj - March 8

I say don't avoid them. Avoiding them just makes them stronger. However, instead of having a huge plate of mac n' cheese or spaghetti serve yourself a smaller portion and make a salad, vegtable etc to go along with it so you get full but your not gorging on the things you shouldn't. I gained way too much weigh while pregnant mainly because I was on bedrest for the last half of my pregnancy, I didn't eat too bad, but still gained a lot because I wasn't exercising. You should eat what your body wants during pregnancy and usually you crave what you need, just don't overdo it. I'm doing Weight Watchers now and the best trick I have is to eat the healthiest thing on your plate first then end with your craving (or the least healthiest food) you may get full before you finish and you've still satisfied that craving. Good luck.


Suebee - March 8

to add to pbj.. how about switching to a lower fat version of the foods you crave? (if that's possible)lol..


Alycia - March 8

I was going to say pretty much what pbj said. Ignoring a craving turns it into an obsession pretty fast... indulge, just try not to overdo it. You may find your craving satisfied after a few bites, especially when you know you'll have a little more when the craving strikes again instead of depriving yourself.



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