How To Fall Pregnant

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clare - March 11

Is there certain things i can do to improve my chances of falling pregnant?


roni - March 7

i'm trying to fall pregnant,and my periods are all over the place and i don't when they are coming i really want to fal pregnant. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!


rach - March 7

i'mtrying to fall pregant please help


Lisa - March 11

My partner and i have been trying for a baby for about 10 months to no avail. My periods are regular and my fiance and i make love every day nearly. I was talking anti deppresents but stopped these about three months ago. I am desperate! My friend has just fallen pregnant after 4 months of trying and i am so jelous but i cant help it. Please help me


lucy - October 12

yes get laid


not - October 12

you shouldn't have s_x everyday. You should try and only have s_x the days you are ovulating. No masterbation for him either. This will improve your chances.


Tia - October 12

Hi Clare, Well the onlyasdvice i can give u and that was given to me is. Start taking you folic acids now. Reduce alcholhol consumption and increase fruit and veg. Start by monitoring your BBT every morning. When u are ovulating it will increase i think. And start checking the v____a for stretchy egg white fluid. This is usually an indication to ovulation.


Sex - October 12

When it's time for you to get pregnant you will, until then it doesn't matter what you do! Just keep having s_x is about the best advice.


Lisa - October 12

Well, Tia is right about the folic acid. Start taking that and eating healthy; that will help. I did not cut down alcohol and I got pregnant, I cut it out once I did get pregnant but not before. Think of all the women who got pregnant with alcohol involved..anyway. Try to reduce the stress in your life, I am sure that was the number 1 reason why I did not get pregnant right away, because I was too stressed. Once I removed that from my life and I began to live more happily I got pregnant almost instantly! My husband and I also had s_x sometimes a couple of times a day. They say to wait and do it every 2-3 days, but we were really happy and did it like bunnies and we got pregnant! Pregnancy is great and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Good luck!


computer chair makes a babe - October 13

my answer is the computer chair, him sitting, u on top, i have said this in lots of posts, it worked for us.....Don't go to the toilet straight after s_x too so u minimise flushing out sperm, is what i was told and it worked for us..


computer chair lady - October 13

I do not understand however how people enjoy pregnancy, no offence lisa but it is awful... tiredness, heartburn, morning sickness, cramps, insomnia, weight gain, hormones making u emotional, it doesn't come with alot of pluses, if not any but the end result is the best. I just cannot relate to people who enjoy pregnancy.


Lisa - October 14

No offence taken at all...I'm one of the odd lucky ones I think.


katie - October 18

what is fall pregnant?


c - October 18

It's when you don't believe in s_x but still desire a baby. Your husband trips you and there you go.


Jewels - October 18

hahahaha.....I wish it was that easy (falling and ohhhh im pregnant) Just kidding :)


"not" right - October 18

The answer "not" gave is right. We didn't have s_x everyday, and no masterbation was allowed, and we got pregnant.



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