How To Gain Weight

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too tiny - March 4

i see all this "control too much weight gain" and things on how not to gain weight. What about those of us who have trouble gaining weight. I have 2 children and on my 3rd. I have a very high motabolism and im always stuffing my face, I always have. in spite of the dietricians "special" diets I still can not seem to gain any weight pregnant or not. This is actually dangerous for me. I had my son at 7mons and went into labor for my daughter at six months. the neonatologists say it will be an ongoing pattern unless i manage to gain weight. I was put on modified bed rest at 4mons with my daughter and complete b/r at 6mons. I made it to 8 mons. I dont want this to happen again. i have weighed a whopping 97lbs since I was 17 I am now 24!! Please, any suggestions!!!


momof3 - March 4

What about those weight gainer shakes?? My friends are those body builder types and they drink 3 to 4 or them a day. You should ask your doc if you could that.. Hope this helps.


michelle - March 4

I was 102lbs when I graduated from high school and 97lbs at 22 after having three kids. Right before I turned 25 I gained 15lbs. Now in my late 30's I weigh about 120lbs. Metabolism slows as we age. Have you been tested for thyroid problems?


lovely - March 4

eat POTINE!!!!! MMMMMMMM french fries with gravy AND cheese!!!!! A fav in french canadian circles, and wisconsin, I hear!


Lovely - March 4

*sorry!* That should have read POUTINE...mmmmm I drool just at the mention of the word!


P - March 4

Oui Madame, poutine would help. lol You could try drinking those meal replacement shakes with your meals... My friend used to drink SlimFast with her meals but not because she was trying to gain or lose weight, she just liked them. She's special. lol


? - March 5

How tall are you?


PP - March 5

I would die and go to heaven with fries with cheese and gravy right now. Nice dark brown gravy.... I am sooooo hungary and get this- the girl scouts hit me up for cookies. That is like abuse of power. Dangle cookies over my head. They were good salespeople... I bought 10 boxes.


to PP from Liz - March 5

PP, that Girl Scout comment was cracking me up! Where were you when my 1st grader was selling them a few months ago!!!! : ) I love a "thin mint" too!!!!!!


chelle - March 8

michelle, yep Ive had it tested twice. nothing wrong there. I am patiently waiting for middle-age spread. Is that ridiculous or what! lol I am a huge junkfood junkie Whoppers are my fav. I could eat them everyday. I craved them with my son and did eat them everyday. With the c___p I eat I should weigh 200lbs by now. I cant even get to 102 after two children. I give up. But I have to find a way with this one. I dont want another preemie. I just want to have a normal pregnancy, labor, and delivery. No Worries. Thanks for all the advice ladies. I appreciate it.



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