How To Get Baby

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ramon - February 26

Answer: my boyfriend want to get baby. we did s_x. and few month later, I didn't get lady day. iI get it lady day. t's didn't work out get baby. my boyfriend try again to get s_x later. after period finish few days later. we did s_x, few month later not work out again. how to get baby?


* - February 26



karla - February 26

sorry..didnt understand any of that! ??


Erm - February 26

Ok i think i can translate........Her bf wants a baby they had s_x a few months later she didnt get her period then she got it and it didnt work out her bf wanted to try again so when her period finished they had s_x again and it didnt work and now she wants to no how to get a baby!!!


J - February 27

Now I know the answer to a question I had! When I found out I was pregnant, the doctor gave me a brochure put out by the FDA about the importance of folic acid. It was written on about a second grade level, and I wondered who on earth would be pregnant and reading on a level with a seven year old. Now, having seen the above question, I know.


erica - May 27

how dou no when is the right time to get pregnant and when u ovulate to have s_x to get pregnant?


viv - May 27

J--you have to understand, some people on this site are from foreign countries...I have seen a few women say they are from India...she is probably doing the best she can to get her point across in english, so you really shouldn't be so rude. ramon--when you start your period, or your "lady day" count 14 days after this day, and that is when your body should be ready to get a baby. Every woman is different though. If you really want to get a baby, try doing s_x every other day. One day do it, next day not. It may take a few months, even up to 12 months or more. Keep trying!


viv - May 27

I am really shocked at how rude some of you can be. Think before you write please. What if somebody made a rude comment like this about you, when you were doing the best you could? Yes you may have good grammer, but you may not have other things going for hide behind this forum, anonymous and faceless, judging other people when you may not be much yourself in real life. Does it make you feel special to cut other people down??


? - May 27

Lady day??? That's a new one! LMAO!


? - May 27

I think your boyfriend is molesting you.


rb - May 27

I agree with you viv - maybe there aren't sites like this available in other languages (based in other parts of the world). Regardless of whether this person doesn't speak English much or if they are making up terms, how would you feel if you asked a questions and people laughed at you about it. If you don't like the way the question is asked, just ignore it. Don't ridicule people for poor grammar. "Lady day" could be a direct translation of how it is said in another language - but of course, there are those people who can't take that into consideration because they are too ignorant to do so.


Jessie - May 27

LoL!!! Get baby? What a moron.


? - May 27

I'm sorry if it seemed insensitive, but with so many "JOKE" threads on this forum, you can't blame some people for not taking it seriously. Think about that before you start slagging people off.


{.} - May 27

thanks for that....i just feel like if someone can't communicate any better than that, then do us all a favor and don't be bringing a baby in the world. She's going to need all the time she can't get to go back to school!


viv - May 27

Seriously you people really shock me. If this lady is from another country and can't speak english very well, that doesn't mean she shouldn't bring a baby into this world, as her baby would grow up speaking her native language. As far as "slagging" anyone off, I'm not sure what that means(are YOU perhaps in a country other than the US??? Because I sure haven't heard that slang term anywhere around here...), but I was just saying be a bit more sensitive to other people, because how would you feel if you were rediculed....and like I said before, maybe you have an education and maybe you have good grammer, which is evident on this forum, but maybe you aren't too pretty to look at or have weight issues or not the best financial situation or maybe you have some odd traits like really big ears or frizzy hair, and you hide behind this anonymous forum ridiculing other people when you yourself aren't perfect....just don't be so insensitive, you don't see people walking up to another person in a store and saying man you are too fat/skinny you need to lose some weight/gain some weight, you shouldn't be bringing a baby into this is unfair to say that only the most beautiful, rich, well-educated people should be able to have babies. But as I said before, you have no way of knowing this lady is not from somewhere like India, and is doing the best she can to communicate to us in English to get some information on how she can have a baby....just because she doesn't say it like a lot of the other women on this site, desperate to have a baby and begging anyone to tell them the secret how...she's saying the same thing, the best that she can. By the way, thank you rb for supporting what I said.


JenniferB - May 27

Well said viv


m - May 27

this person is not from another country. VIV YOU ARE VERY NAIVE AND SUPER SENSITIVE! It's obvious that this is either a joke or the person needs to confide in someone who can speak his/her own language. Sounds to me like she is either mentally handicaped or lacking in grammer skills......if anyone doesn't know how to have a baby, if they don't know how it works, they probably don't need one....chill out viv...your overreacting! and your very naive.....I bet you are one of those people who gives money to people who are on the side of the road "claiming" there hungry when truth be told, they probably have more money in there pocket than you or i put together....GROW UP>



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