How To Get The Gender You Desire

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wondering? - November 8

i have heard a few things about certain times of year to have s_x if you want a boy or a girl. Does anyone know if there is any truth in this, and what exactly those times are? and has anybody tried and got the results they tried for?


Cathy - November 8

The only thing that is for is completly up to the man. He carries both the x and y chromosone. We carry only xx. Therefore it is completly up to nature. Most of what you hear is just an old wives tales. I have heard of science trying to help in this matter, but I don't believe it is by what day of the year you concieve. Good luck to you.


curious - November 8

i have been wondering the same thing!! cant wait to see the answers.. i have also been wondering if there is a WAY that we can have our guys tested to see what he is more likely to create?


to wondering - November 8

the only way for sure is you get what you get its all in the genes which ever little sperm reaches first no male or female is faster then the other if you try any myths you are sure to get a 50% chance to get what you want .


zzzzz - November 8

all i can say is be grateful for what you get!! can people really be that silly as to thinking you can actually choose there s_x of there baby, come on guys didnt you go to school!!!


Angie - November 8

Well, I have heard it is about the time of the month that you do it. If you have s_x 2-3 days befoe ovualation, you are more likely to have a girl. If you have s_x the day of ovulation, you are more likely to have a boy. The male sperm swims quicker, but dies faster which is why this is. However, there still could be something with the man that he doesn't produce as many male sperm or vice versa and then it may not work. It has worked all 4 times for us and has worked for all my friends I have told, but you have to monitor your temp to know when you ovualate before you ttc.


emma - November 8

this is from the BBC, a reputable news organisation: "Scientists from Modena in Italy believe that men are more likely to be conceived so that they are born during warmer months, to give them a better chance of survival. Dr Angelo Cagnacci from the Policlinico Modena looked at the records for more than 14,000 births over a six year period, and found that the lowest conception rates for boys were from March to May, and the highest from September to November. The first period would mean babies born in the Italian winter, while a conception in the second would mean a summer birth. In the 'best' month for conception, the researcher found that 535 males were conceived versus 465 females. " but it seems like it depends on the climate of the place you live! the research appeared in the journal Human Reproduction. I have also read that if you want a boy, you should have s_x on the day of ovulation and not before it because the boy sperm have a shorter life span but swim further. (so you don't want any competing girl sperm in there from the day before.) you can find out more with a google search.



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