How To Naturally Induce Labor

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julie - September 1

what are some natural ways to induce labor,and have they worked for you or anyone you know in the past.


julie - September 1

please answer im suffering here!!!!!!


Jen - September 1

I heard you can try s_x! The s____n is supposed to soften the cervix.


julie - September 1

unfortunatly my doc said no s_x because i have a slight tear in my water sac and s_x could cause infection. any more insight would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


Grumpy - September 1

C___t stimulation try masturbating!!! anything to get you to have an orgasm may help!!


miranda - September 1

I'm a big believer in walking. I walk 2 miles most days and I'm 371/2 weeks dilated to 3. Also you can try pineapple and red raspberry leaf tea, and some swear by spicy food. Don't do castor oil though because some think that it can cause the baby to have meconium in the uterus. Good luck!


Angelina - September 1

I read in a book called "What to expect when expecting" that you can ma__sage your nipples and it brings on labor but you have to do it alot.Why do you want to induce labor?If i were you id be trying to sleep as much as possible until the birth because after that you will no longer know what sleep is lol.


julie - September 2

i wish i could sleep!!!! im so absolutly sore and i just cant wait to meet my little munchkin!!!


J - September 2

Why do you people want to induce your labor....Your babies will come when they are ready. I think its stubborn and not responsible at all to do this. If they are not ready, they aren't ready!!!!


to J - September 2

how far along are you, 10 weeks? talk to me about not wanting to induce when you are 39 weeks!


to to J - September 2

I am 39 weeks and 2 days today. The doc told me that if you try to do something before your body or baby is ready, it could cause complications with baby and raise your chance of having to have a c-section 3 times. If your not ready, your not ready!! don't think I haven't had thoughts, but I don't want to take any chances. So just to answer your question no i'm not 10 weeks......i'm almost ready to pop!!!


[email protected] - September 4

anymore insight



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