How To Pronounce Adeline

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Kaz - May 16

I like the name Madeline but our surname begins with M. I do kind of like Adeline but don't want to use it if I need to tell everyone how I'd like it said. So do you think the end sounds like line, as in down the line? Or like lean, as in lean beef? I like how it's spelt as it is. Thank you :o)


Amy - May 17

I read it as "line" too hon. Either way you say it, it is an adorable name.


Kaz - May 17

Thank you both, I like the name but didn't want people to a__sociate it with that song "Sweet Adeline" where it's pronounced 'line'. I much prefer the 'lean' sound. Yes I don't mind Adelyne at all, that's a Great idea. It doesn't make it look mong like the other ways I'd considered. Thanx :o)


Lissi - May 17

I've only ever heard it pronounced as down the line.


Fabienne - May 18

Hi Kaz - I don't pronounce the 'line' as in 'line' but as in 'lean'. Now...I'm not american so that might explain. We have that name in France - it is very pretty. The 'A' is pronounced a little bit like the 'A' in 'apple' and not like the 'A' in 'grape'. That being said, I understand your concern: you don't want to have to teach everyone how to pronounce your baby's name. Plus, for your child, later in life, it might be annoying to have people mispronounce her name all the time !! I live in the US and get that a lot...That being said, it can be a good ice-breaker sometimes !


cute name - May 18

Hi Kaz. I didn't realize you preferred the "lean" sound. In that case, you might want to try something like Adelene, or Adeleen, etc. Adelyne implies the "line" sound. Good luck girl!


Kaz - May 18

Thanx for your help girls....Apples are Delicious with Lean beef. I'm in Australia, I hadn't thought about the fact that we sometimes read things different. I didn't want to create a ha__sle for the baby, if it is a girl, in years to come having to explain it to everyone. Definately would work for an icebreaker though.


DJ - May 19

I would say A-da-leen! I think it is a beautiful name and not so common. A similar one is Angeline. Or consider just Adele (a-dell) I like Adelaine (a-da-lane) and Adelaide, too. Do you like the leen or the line pronunciation?


DJ - May 19

Sorry- I also wanted to say I think Adelyne would sometimes be pronounced A-da-lynn. I think all of the variations are pretty, though!


Kaz - May 19

Buggar now I'm not sure between lyn and lean. Oh well it'll probably be a boy. In that case I'm even further behind with names. I think it'll be lyn; Adelyn Kaye Mc.... Perhaps that's too many y's but I like Kay/Kaye for a middle name. I'll have to see what bub looks like.


Lynette - May 19

Hey there Kaz! My middle name is Kaye and until I was about 7 I couldn't understand why it wasn't spelt "K". I felt the other letters were redundant because it still said the same thing (lol!) That said, Adelyn Kaye looks really pretty - good luck!! :-)


??? - May 19

I still think most normal people would say Adeline as in "Down th line". Nobody says Caro-leen for the name Caroline do they?


Kaz - May 19

???, Yeah that's what threw me out about it, I saw Adeline in a book and initially thought it would be pronounced 'leen or lean' only because I already had Madeline in my mind and well it's only missing the M so maybe it should rhyme.


Kaz - May 19

Sorry that didn't make much sense either. Madeline ends sounding like lyn rather than leen anyhow. Funny thing about the English language whether you're normal or not.


Kaz (again) - May 19

Hi Lynette. lol, I remember asking about 'K' too, it had me puzzled as a kid. I have an Aunty Kay. I've always like it and wanted it for a middle name.


Carol - May 19

This is my niece's name. It is pronounced Ad Ah Line. I think its so pretty.


KellyB - May 19

I work with an Adeline. She pronounces it Ad-a-line



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