How To Tell My Toddler

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flower.momma - May 24

I am currently 13 weeks along, and my dd is 18 months old and will be almost 2 when the baby is born. The pregnancy is going great, but I am so afraid that my daughter will feel left out and displaced once this baby is born. I know it is probably to early to start explaining my pregnancy to her and that she probably wont understand, but I just want the transition to be as easy as possible. We bought her a board book about pregnancy and I have been pointing out obviously pregnant women, saying "she has a baby in her belly." My daughter is so precious to me, and I am so afraid that it will somehow be traumatic for her at first. What have other people done to help their toddlers ease into being a big brother or sister? When is a good time to start telling her about the baby in my belly?


angie m - May 24

My first son and my daughter were 2 years apart and it went very well. I actually told my son very early on that I had a baby in my tummy. He went to my apointments with me. My midwife did an u/s on me every time I went in and my son loved to see it. She also had little babys that were diffrent sizes to show us how big the baby was. My son loved to play with the little babys. The only problom with telling him early on was he would always ask if it was time to have the baby yet. After my daughter was born he would get her hats and blankets all the time saying she was cold, but she was born in June so I would have to tell him all the time she is ok and is warm enough. I'm not sure that I really did anything special to prepair my son but he is a very loving child and loves all babys. I just made sure that once I had my little girl I still spent plenty of time with my son. He also got a baby of his own witch he still has at 5 and still takes every where with him. Unfotunatly he still "nurses" her, I hope he stops doing that soon. My other son was born when my other two where 19m and 3 1/2 and that also went well. Well sorry that was so long I hope that some of it may have helped you. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck.


flower.momma - May 25

Thank you so much for your advice. I have a hard time knowing what my daughter will understand, and what will go right over her head sometimes. I think it is probably too early to tell her right now, since I'm smallish still, but once I start getting bigger, I'm sure she'll start wondering what is going on anyway. Especially once my lap disapears and she has to climb a mountain to snuggle me..


angie m - May 25

I deffenitly think you sould use your own best judgement. You are her mommy and know what she will understand and what she wont. I used to lay down in bed or on the couch to snuggle with my little ones when I started to get too big. Another thing my son loved was to feel the baby kick. He was more excited about it then my hubby was. So maby when you start to feel baby kick you can let your daughter feel and tell her what it is. Take care.


HannahBaby - May 25

Hi FLOWER MOMMA!! I know exactly how you feel. My daughter is 16 months and i am so worried about how she will react to the new baby. Do you have any messengers or maybe we could exchange emails i would love to talk to you!!


flower.momma - May 25

Hey HannahBaby, ny email is...surprise... [email protected] I think I've talked with you before and it seems like we have a lot in common. When are you due? Thank you angie m, for snuggling suggestions. My girl is such a snuggle bunny, she is sitting on my lap right now, and I don't know how she'll take it when she can't do that anymore.


moucheka - May 25

My mum actually made a great photo book for DD1. There was a picture of DD1 as a baby with the caption "when DD1 was born, she slept all day. The new baby will also sleep all day. " The second photo was of DD1 doing something like playing in the sand with a caption " now DD1 is a big girl, she can play in the sand whilethe baby is sleeping". Another one: "When DD1 was a baby, she drank from mummy's b___st. The new baby will also do that" comparision picture: "now DD1 is a big girl, she can drink from a sippy cup" There were about 10 different senarios about how DD1 did things when she was a baby and how the new baby would be the same, then comparisons of all the things DD1 can do now that are fun.



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