How Will I Know I Can Get Pregnant After An Abortion

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kendra - December 1

i had an abortion in 2003 and my partern comdom has been broken so many times and i have not been pregnant everseen? whats going on idont have an email so i need answer right away!


To Kendra - December 1

You're just not getting pregnant, that's all. I had an abortion too and got pregnant on my first try to get pregnant. It has to be the right ovulation day most of the time. But why use a condom if you're not worried about it breaking??? If you want to get pregnant. Otherwise stop playing with fire and get on the pill.


Nikki - December 1

i had an abortion in 2001..then went on the pill...was on it until march...decided to stop takin it cuz me and my husband (fiance at the time)decided w/e happens...happens...and i was pregnant a month and a half later..ur fine..but like the one above me said..if u wanna get pregnant...y r u using a condom??? if not...maybe u should go on the pill


tiffany - December 2

i also had an abortion in 2003. =( it was the biggest mistake of my life, but i am pregnant right now. 17 weeks along. i know that everytime you have an abortion it lessens your chances of being able to get pregnant. But im not sure if having only one has much of an effect or not.


To Tiffany - December 2

It does not lesson your chances of getting pregnant at all. But it may increase your chances of having a miscarriage if your abortions cause scarring of the uterus lining. When that occurs, your embryo might not be able to attach properly or it can develop against scar tissue which leads to shortened limbs or missing ones.


me - December 2

I had one also and now am 31wks along so it should not prevent you from getting prego at all, maybe there might be some implation problems due to scarring..


Shay - December 2

my story is identical to Nikki's! 2001 I had an abortion and I went on the pill for 4 years then went off, and whatever happens happened and now I am 15 weeks preggo. It took all of 15 days after I went off the pill!


21WKS - December 2




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