Hpv During Pregnancy

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Wondering - June 20

I had a small outbreak of HPV (genital warts) which I was treated for with no recurrences, until now. I am now 6 months pregnant and have noticed some small bumps on my labia, and I am certain that it's HPV again. I will see the dr. next week, but I was wondering if anyone had genital warts while pregnant, and whether they were treated at that time. I have read that pregnancy makes it more likely that you will get genital warts if you have HPV. Any information would be appreciated.


sarah - June 20

It is true that pregnancy does cause you to break out with hpv because your immune system is so low just call your doctor and let him know that your having one they can give you certain medications that are safe for your baby and its always good to call right away during a outbreak


Wondering - June 20

Thanks Sarah. I did call the doctor today, so hopefully I can get rid of this soon. I really freaked when I realized that I had some warts again because I didn't know whether they will treat them during pregnancy or not.


KM - June 20

80% of women have the virus, and many will never experience an out break until pregnancy.you should speak w/your doctor b/c they will need to keep an eye out for abnormal cells. when you have HPV, you will usually have displaysia on your cervix, which if not treated will most likely progress to cervical cancer.Although they probably wont preform a biopsy, your doctor will most likely send u for a colposcopy.


April - June 21

I had to have a colposcopy for HPV. I don't have genital warts though, just abnormal cells in my cervix. (I've read somewhere that there are like 42 different types of the HPV virus... from abnormal cells to herpes) The doctor, after doing the colposcopy, said he couldn't do anything until after I had the baby (I was 3 weeks pregnant at the time) So now these cells have been hangin out in there for 9 months... and have probably progressed closer to cancer. It freaks me out a little bit. (70% of cases go away by themselves, but I don't think mine did because they ask me at almost every appt. if I've had a colposcopy... haha) Anyway, the stupid colposcopy cost me almost $700.. and all they did was look in there and then tell me they couldn't do anything until after my baby was born. What a waste of money! If you have to get a colposcopy.. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSURANCE!


KM - June 21

April, I had the same thing. But luckily, I live in Canada, and medicare covers anything like that.I've had 3 colposcopyes, and need one more.


Wondering - June 21

Wow, I have never had a coloscopy and didn't know that would be par for the course. I have never had an abnormal pap smear, though I have had HPV for about 10 years. The warts are worrying me, though, because they seemed to appear so quickly and I wonder how many more I will get. :( Depressing.


KrisD - June 21

I guess they must not do one on you (colposcopy) because your pap is normal so they did not feel there was a need for a closer look. I have heard that the virus can manifest itself in many different ways.


Huh???Kim - June 21

Lil tears down there mean genital warts? I had one once and it went away. I thought I cut myself shaving or it tore down there cus I was chapped. 23 weeks pregnant and all my paps have been normal. Does anyone know if that's normal. Gosh now im all worried.


Wondering - June 21

Kim, my recent outbreak started as little tears, though I thought it was from being raw from a yeast infection or something since I had a lot of itching at the time. But if yours healed and you haven't had other symptoms, you are probably fine.


To wondering - June 21

So they went from tears to bumps? Or you just get tears? Gosh im at work right now and I feel like going to the bathroom and looking down there with a mirror. It was weird because the tear was there for a while then went away. It did burn like a cut but when the gyno checked me she said everything looked normal down there. Now Im paranoid- Kim


Wondering - June 21

Mine didn't go straight from tears to bumps. The tears were healed for about a month and then I noticed bumps. I thought the tears were from irritation, though, and they might not even have been related. Though what I have been reading suggests that tears can preceed the warts.


2 Wondering - June 21

how many tears did you have? Was it alot and where were they? Curious and now paranoid, Kim


Wondering - June 21

The tears were in the folds of skin of my labia, and I had only a couple.



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