Hrm Evaporation Line

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blc1234 - November 7

ok, i took the hpt called New Choice, its the dollar tree brand, and from some other websites i've looked at they dont seem to have evaporation lines, but OMG, my test had a very faint positve when i looked at it, about an hour after i took it??? Could i be pregnant??? please respond asap, have you used these tests and what was your luck, the sensitivity is 25miu


yulia - November 7

I had a very very faint line in the beginning of a pregnancy. The best thing to do is to wait 3-4 days and retest again. The line should become darker. Have you missed your period or are you testing days before it's due? I tested before I missed my period, that's when the line was so faint I thought I was imaging it. But couple of days later it was very vivid.


ray - November 7

told you that if you have a faint line then it means your pregnant good luck to you and your new baby love ray xxx


Shannon - November 7

That test is AWESOME! I used it 7 days after I ovulated and got positive results immediatly! It positive was later comfirmed with a blood test.


blc1234 - November 7

actually my periods have been a little odd since september, bleeding 1 day (medium flow) and spotting for 2, when my usual period is heavy bleeding for 3 days. I have suspicions of being pregnant for a while and i have had many negative hpt's. think i might just have to go to the doc asap.


lisa - November 11

i would take another you shouldnt wait more then 10 minutes max. And i've used the dollar tree brand and it usually works withing 3 minutes, its the same test that planned partent hood uses. Trust me because thats how i found out i was pregnant the first time then i had a miscarriage. Now i might be pregnant again and the 2 lines showed up withing like 2 minutes but the t line is faint so i'm not sure what to think or do. What do you guys think?


jen - November 11

amen to that, m! i have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months now, and i have spent a load of money on tests. last week, i got a faint faint line after nearly an hour, then a couple days later, it was after 30 minutes or so, and now it's right off. the blood test also said yes pregnant! in the previous 7 months, obviously i got many negative tests, and never once did i get one of those evaporation lines that i dont' even think exist!


Merran - November 14

I tested this morning with a HPT, faint line showing a positive result after a couple of minutes! I was ecstatic, though my DH is being cautious and not getting excited until I go for a blood test, because the line was faint (but clearly there at arm's length therefore I've decided it can't be a 'shadow' line!)... anyway I'm glad that the general consensus is that a line's a line and it's positive!


blc1234 - November 17

Just a follow up!!! Evaporation lines dooo exist. I just went to the doc and all results are negative. So for all of you wandering they do exist. I thought it was a positive test and believed so after listening to ur responses and only to my dissapointment i am NOT pregnant. gl 2 u all ttc


lilmama - November 21

if it was neg at first, and then an hour later it was positive you are probably not pregnant. This has happened with every negative test I took, and I was never pregnant when it did that


karen - November 22

maybe since different people body are different that if you alway have a neg then pos.. and it is pos.. and some vice versa that is how your body is.. for me i never got a line.. even after one month.. now this month i got faint lines after 20 min with different brands.. and some neg..


Alanna - November 23

Well, that's a confusing subject (evaporation lines) Because I too have taken MANY many tests that came up negative and left them sitting around and never once did they develop any sort of evaporation line. Then I took an ept test that shows up with a plus or minus sign. Well, it was just a minus sign at first.. but then an hour or so later, it was a positive. Faint, but it was definately there. I thought maybe it was an "evaporation line" but then I retested again 3 days later and it was a definate plus sign, and it came up quick. I'm thinking there just wasn't enough HCG in my system for the test to be triggered within the alotted time frame or something! But I'm pregnant now.


Jerri - November 23

Most of these over the counter pregnancy tests, pop apart very easily , making it easy to look at the strip directly and make sure it's not an evaporation line.


b - November 23

You guys are crazy!! And to prove it I gave my husband a pregnancy test and after 3 hours he had a faint positive line. Results read after ten minutes are not accurate!!!!


m - November 23

b, you sound oddly irritated. Seems, you are definitely in the minority here. It's funny nobody here has seen this mysterious "evaporation line"..... well, except you. You had your husband to take a home pregnancy test????? And you call US crazy????


m - November 23

Oh yeah, and b, results read after 10 minutes ARE accurate, well, except when a MAN takes it!!!!!!!! LMAO


jackie - November 24

b i agree with you, evaporation lines do exist, i know this because i have had one myself. i dont know what is wrong with alot of people on this site. people still say there is no such thing as evaporation lines well how the hell does a man get a positive hpt. my advice is read the instructions propably and do not read after the normal time limit is up. if everyone read the instructions in the first place we would not be discussing evaporation lines now.



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