Hrm Evaporation Line

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jackie - November 24

b i agree with you, evaporation lines do exist, i know this because i have had one myself. i dont know what is wrong with alot of people on this site. people still say there is no such thing as evaporation lines well how the hell does a man get a positive hpt. my advice is read the instructions propably and do not read after the normal time limit is up. if everyone read the instructions in the first place we would not be discussing evaporation lines now.


m - November 24

Jackie's back spreading her joy! ok, now there are 2 of you in the minority. You gals have fun reading your directions. Meanwhile, the sane people still know the truth! I'm not sure anyone ever said the lines do not exist, we said we've never seen one! So I guess you 2 have that microscopic vision! You just keep on convincing yourself of this nonsense. The rest of us have babies to prove we're right!! What do you have..... oh yeah, "evaporation lines" from a MAN! Goodbye!


Alisha - November 25

I've taken 5 of these tests. With each one an extremely faint test line appeared well within the 10 minute time limit but I cannot tell what color the lines are (poor eyesight). What are the chances I am pregnant? Thanks!


nbp - November 25

wheni was tring to get pregnate, i took pregnancy test after test, and i went back time and time again to the trash to look at it again, because i could not believe that i wasn't pregnate, and every time, it stayed negative. when i finally took the last one, i took it and no line appeared, i wasn't fine with not knowing, so i kept going back, and when i went back for the last time, it finally had a positive answer, well i too had herd not to believe them after like three minutes, so i wasn't sure if it was true, so i went out to the store right away, and i took another one, it was positive too. i was excited, but i still didn't believe it, i had tried for two years, test after test, and this was the only one that said positive, so i went to the doctor the next week, i am now 38 and a half weeks pregnate and about to have my baby finally. so in my experience, the test never lied, wether it was one minute later or the next day.


nbp - November 25

oh by the way.....the line was very faint, so i have to say are going to be a new mommy!!!!!


erika - December 1

Ok, m, now don't get an att_tude. Not all people agree with YOU. They do exist, I have 3 children and have taken a zillion of those tests. FRED has them all the time. Trying to make everyone else without your opinion sound like they are crazy doesn't sound very mature of you. B proved you wrong and so did Jackie and yoU can't STAND it. LOL


Christine - December 1

LOL, I just had to see what was going on in here...for I knew this post caused a lot of controversy before...I would have to say that I have never seen one either...I either it said, or I was it said...I'm now in my 3rd pregnancy and have taken quite a few myself...I agree with M...


Louise. - December 1

Wow you guys look like you're having fun =X But yeh I'm not sure I've taken three and each time they were positive although the last one was a very very faint line and it was mayb 10 or 12minutes after the 3minutes you're supposed to wait. I to thought that this was a negitive as I waited so long to see this result and I wanted a baby so bad after loosing my last baby. I thought I had imagined it. But my mum said a positive result is a positive result no matter how faint the line. My doctor confirmed this and he said it's faint as hormones are low and you must only be early on in pregnancy. I later found out I would have been 3weeks and 5days when I took this test. So I guess a line is a line hey.


Leah - December 1

Get her m! lol If it means anything, I agree w/u too, m. I also agree that erika is unnecessarily getting on you. There are a lot of women on here that say the same thing. I guess we're next on her list. I'm shakin in my slippers! lol erika, u need to look at all of the posts.....beginning to end. m isn't the only one saying this stuff. evaporation lines are imaginary lines.


for leah - December 2

how the hell do you explain a man getting a positive result if there is no such thing as evaporation lines. Oh let me guess he is pregnant to. For everyone who doesnt believe in evaporation lines go to pregnancy test website and read up on them. It states very clearly not to read the results after a certain time because the urine can cause the second line to appear when it has been standing to long. My advice is if you get a positive result after the time limit repeat with another test and make sure you read the results with the proper time.


LeahP - December 2

Hi ladies, I ordered some of the strips off of this web site and have taken one in the middle of the afternoon, but my urine was somewhat diluted since I just drank a lot of tea, in your experience have you gotten a negative in the middle of the day, but a positive in the morning. Do you think it makes that much of a difference although the tests manufacturers say it does. Thanks


m - December 2

They say morning urine is best because it is more concentrated. When hcg levels are low, I think morning urine is best, but later on (when levels are higher), it doesn't matter. And morning urine is only concentrated if you're not a frequent night pee-er. If you pee several times through the night, it doesn't have a chance to become as concentrated. Manufacturers say all kinds of of "precautionary" stuff so that they can't be sued.


m - December 2

And just to add to what karly said... Let's not forget those old shampoo instructions: "lather, rinse, repeat"!! Oh no, sometimes I don't repeat, does that mean my hair will fall out????? LOL And my curling iron told me to practice while cold before first use... I didnt' do that either, is that why I have bad hair days???? LMAO!!


polly - December 2



Crystal - December 2

Okay...a little frigntened to post a question about the...uh...."evaporation line" but hoping for some feedback...I'm using the clear blue hpt did a test last night at around 9pm....said to read no later than 10 minutes, after this time I thought I may have seen a faint line...but wasn't sure....but by midnight it was definitely postive and blue (not grey or clear) like the other line....any ideas?


m - December 2

Crystal, sounds like a positive to me. Especially if it got darker. These "evaporation lines" are extremely faint and colorless..... IF they even appear, which is very rare! So if you got a pink (or blue, etc) line, and it got darker, I would put my money on pregnancy. Take another one, maybe in the morning, and see what happens. Keep us posted and good luck! :o)



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