Hrm Evaporation Line

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m - December 2

Crystal, sounds like a positive to me. Especially if it got darker. These "evaporation lines" are extremely faint and colorless..... IF they even appear, which is very rare! So if you got a pink (or blue, etc) line, and it got darker, I would put my money on pregnancy. Take another one, maybe in the morning, and see what happens. Keep us posted and good luck! :o)


tiffani - December 2

No comment for this particular post, but I just have to say that M, you are very well written, witty and informative in your responses. I enjoy your posts.


m - December 2

Tiffani, thank you very much for your comments. I really appreciate your kind words! Have a great day!


Amanda N - December 3

I agree with Tiffani, M. I always enjoy your posts, they are always informative and in times like this humorous. I am only pregnant with my first child however we had been trying for awhile and being I am irregular, I went through a lot of tests. All of them had only one line, heck even days later, until my one positive. It was a faint line right away and only got darker as time went on. So I must say I agree that evaporation lines are something they say to protect themselves.


m - December 3

Thank you Amanda! I think there are a couple of people on here than come gunning for me, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I have had a couple of heated debates in the past. Maybe that same person is disguising herself as someone else just to rag on me. Thanks again for being so nice! Have a great day!! :o)


E - December 3

M - my pillows and hair dryer state not to remove the tag b/c it is against the law. Am I going to jail given that I removed the tags? Please respond b/c I am very scared!


m - December 3

p.s. Congrats on your pregnancy! I am in a waiting period right now. I recently had 2 consecutive miscarriages, so I am letting my body rest a couple of months before TTC again. So I hope it isn't too long before I get one of those faint lines. ;o)


m - December 3

E, I am busy sewing you one of those orange jumpsuits for prison! lol Have they scheduled your execution date? LMAO! My hair just won't cooperate today! That's what I get for not following directions!!


E - December 3

I really should follow directions from now on and I would not end up in messes like this:) Lather, rinse, repeat - which step did you miss? Hope it wasn't rinse! That is a great image. LMAO!! Hey, you know what sucks - my home computer will not post my messages so I can only read at night and not join in the discussions. I am p__sed b/c I have no life, as someone once told me, so I have nothing else to do :(


E - December 3

That is exactly what is happening with my comp. I will try to outfool it tonight! Please rinse next time, lol!! Your students must be snickering behind your back.


Holly - December 3

I had a post on here a couple of weeks ago regarding an evaporation line that i had with an EPT +/- test. The doctor confirmed that I was not pregnant. I have done probably hundreds of tests and NEVER got an evaporation line. I went out and bought another EPT and a 1st response and the EPT came out faintly posative about 45 minutes after I took it and the 1st response came out negative. Also my sister took one of the EPT tests (2 came in 1 box) and it came out negative...........She is 7 months pregnant!!!!!! Not a very good brand in my opinion! Mabee I just got some tests that were defective somehow. For $14.00 a pop, they better be effective! Anyway hope this helped.


Amanda N - December 4

M, Thank you! And I hope to be able to say the same to you at some point!!


kate - December 5

Doesn't it say on the box about evaporation lines?I have only ever taken one HPT and almost immediately there was a faint(est) positive .Why waste any more money...I went to the Dr. and had a test done there...Positive.


LB - December 5

I found that some certain brands have false positives, whether or not they are evaporation lines. In the summer, I took First Response tests. One was a faint positive, and I got all excited and called family and such. Then, to be sure, I retested a couple of days later- another faint positive. This went on for 2 weeks (total 6 tests, by First Response). I'm at risk for ectopic pregnancy, so I was concerned about this being an indicator of low hCG (often a symptom of ectopics). So I had 2 blood tests. Finally my Dr. told me (and this can be found on several online posts too) that First Response brand is notorious for false positives. Evidently, they are so "sensitive" to hCG that they pick up normal, background levels of this hormone in many cases (levels less than 5 are "background"). I don't think that this was an evaporation line, though. (Could this be why the previous post has a faint positive from her husband's urine?) Anyway, my doctor advised me to stop using that brand- which I did. I started using a brand that's sensitive to 40 units hCG, and all of the have been negative when they were "supposed" to be negative. I was definitely not pregnant this summer- just really stressed- which caused my period to be several months late that round (so I'm sure it wasn't just a chemical pregnancy or miscarraige). BUT, we're still trying, and today there's a faint pink line on the "more reliable" brand's test, so here's to hope! I'll retest in a couple of days and let you all know how it turns out...


Mel - December 6

Just to clear something up. I work in a family planning center. We give urine tests ALL THE TIME. (They are easier to use and cheaper for the patients). We read all the tests within ten minutes. Maybe 10% of them (out of the 100 or so a day we do) will show evap lines after that mark. Also, if you do HPT's, and either dip the strip or collect too much urine on the applicator, it increases your chances of getting evap lines due to over washing the test area. Belive what you will, that's fine, but I work with hpt's... evap lines do exsist, but are rare if you do the test correctly. Have a great day everyone. Take Care.


m - December 6

Well said Mel! I think the key statement in your post is "rare if you do the test correctly". Possibly, some people on here aren't doing it correctly. It's interesting that you say "too much urine" increases the chances of seeing an EL. Maybe that's why I've never seen one in the tons of tests I've taken over the years. I always remove the applicator after 5 seconds. Anyway, thanks for that post. Very informative!



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