Hrm Evaporation Line

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m - December 6

Well said Mel! I think the key statement in your post is "rare if you do the test correctly". Possibly, some people on here aren't doing it correctly. It's interesting that you say "too much urine" increases the chances of seeing an EL. Maybe that's why I've never seen one in the tons of tests I've taken over the years. I always remove the applicator after 5 seconds. Anyway, thanks for that post. Very informative!


MICHELLE - December 7

hi girls. 2 months ago i took a pg test, cause i had some symptoms, and after about 30 minutes it became, a bold pink line. eventhough this was after i was supposed to be reading the test, it was a definative line. well, i looked up evaporation lines and became confused, then 2 days later, my period came! i was baffeled! could it have been more likely an evaporation line, or a possible miscarriage that i didn't pick up on? my peiods are heavy and painful each month. now i don't know whether to support the evaporation line theory to help women, or if i was in fact somehow pregnant. i don't know. iam now on cd 29, and will be testing tomorrow morning. wish me luck:) i have the same symptoms as 2 months ago. also, i just had my first month of clomid w/ 2 inseminations, so we are really trying here. i can't say whether these lines exisit or not, but at no other time in my life did i get a result such as this, and it was a clear line that is still there to this day! what do you think gals? thanks:)


blc1234 - December 7

Just as an fyi to michelle, evap. lines are very faint and colorless, if you had a bold pink line after 30 minutes i would say it is positive, OH i think but im not sure i think that clomid affects hpts


michelle - December 8

hi there, i guess maybe i had a miscarriage, my periods are so bad i might not have noticed too much of a difference. i wasn't on the clomid when i got that line on the test. i have only been on it this month. thanks blc1234:)


michelle - December 8

Hey girls, iam 11 dpo, cd30, and today i took an hpt, and i see a line that is sooooo faint you can hardly see it. May this just be all in my head? i feel af cramping like crazy, so it feels like af is sooo near, and i have pretty much given up hope, but i don't know what to think now, maybe iam seeing things. I did not have an hcg trigger, just clomid and iui's, i don't know if the clomid is doing this, my head is doing this, or if it's real early, and it could be ++. Iam not getting my hopes up yet, it's super faint!! I guess i'll test again tomorrow. Can anyone relate. Have a feeling holding out hope is going to lead to disappointment once af shows! can an evaportaion line, if there is such a thing, show up within 5 minutes of the test? or do they always show when the test is left alone for longer then it should be. i got the line at 5 minutes, but it's sooo faint, helppp!!!


eyebeeablessing2u - December 8

Michelle- if you got a faint line within 5 minutes then more than likely you are pregnant... cause the same thing happened to me and now I am 10 weeks pregnant with an ultrasound done at 7 weeks to confirm a baby is in there.... i did that test in the afternoon after peeing all day every 10 minutes so my guess is my Hcg was very minimal but it was there and therefore tested a faint faint positive I thought I was imagining it .. the next am I tested again and sure enough right away another faint positive.....I tested with early response and on the box it clearly stated the positive may be faint but its still positive.... my suggestions is to test again perhaps first thing in the morning or wait until you miss your epected period... and start taking prenatal vitamins.. Congrats....


m - December 8

Michelle, IF (big IF there) an evaporation line was even going to appear, it most certainly would not be in 5 minutes. It would be when the pee evaporates..... not sure how long that takes, but I know a lot longer than 5 minutes. I don't know much about the fertility drugs, but if they aren't interfering with your levels, it sounds to me like you are pregnant. :o) Keep us posted! Good luck!


michelle - December 8

I hope so, thanks for all your great advice!! I am going to test again tomorrow, see if it gets any darker. right now, i'll lay low alittle, and wait and see! I'll be in touch:) baby dust to all!!!


Holly - December 9

I think you are pregnant!!!! I myself have had a couple of evap lines (YES they do exist.) and they are not the pink or blue color that you get with a posative result. They are almost colorless/grey. I have always gotten evap lines when I check the test hours later!!!!!!!!!!!! It's that what if that gets me every time!!! Good Luck!


michelle - December 9

thanks holly! i testing this morning, and got another bfp that was even clearer and pinker then yesterday. is there any chance these can be wrong you think? iam putting off celebrating out of ruluctency, cause i don't want the dissapointment. or do you think cause it has gotten darker, it must be a real pg -cy? anyone who has any advce please respond. thanks so much:)


Holly - December 9

Michelle, I really think you are pregnant. Like I said evap lines are almost colorless, not pink!!! You better call your doctor and get an ob appt!!!!!!! Congrats! I hope I see one of those pink lines soon!


Dania NZ - December 9

Hi Guys, reading what you have written has been very informative.. I took a test last night and after ten minutes there were no lines on it what so ever so I just left it, and when my husband came home I showed him and low and behold there are two pinks lines there ( positive) I don't quite understand am I or aren't I or is it this elusive evaproation line?


m - December 10

If the line was colored (pink), it's pregnancy. Test again to be sure. For one, evaporation lines are extremely rare. And two, they are extremely faint and colorless! Congrats!


michelle - December 10

should have listened to you guys sooner!! iam really, really pregnant! i can't believe it! no evap. lines here! and to put your minds at ease, my at home faint tests, were anything but faint at the dr's, so if you have a faint positive, consider yourself preggo! thanks for all of your advice and support!


terryann - December 10

you guys are a riot... its like a soap. Anyway... I lost my baby in aug.. at 9 1/2 weeks ...heart stopped... needed a d&c, had it done 9/15. I have had two heavier AF's since... well at 8dpo and 12 dpo i tested a faint positve. Darker the 2nd time,, and yes they come up 1 - 2hours later.. but blue and not grey or clear. e.p.t test, making up the + sign. I don't think it is left over hormone from miscarraige... because i had a blood test last month totally neg. and i took a few hpt since and they were clearly neg. Well, I am due for AF today.. and nothing but a lot of cramping, pulling, burning... utero area... and i am ext. tired, moody and somewhat nautious but only in waves. So, anyway... it's been 3 days since i took hpt ept.. and it is still positvie.. thick blue, but light line... i would say, yes i am pregnant... what do you think? please? love and peace terryann


E - December 10

That is wonderful news Michelle!!!!!!! You must be thrilled:)



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