Hrm Evaporation Line

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Ana - September 30

I took 2 tests in the last two days. Last night I took one and there was an Exxxxxxxxttttrrrrreeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmeeeely faint line...wasn't sure it was even there...couldn't see if it had a color or not. Had to tilt the test a couple times in my hand and hold it real close to my face in order to get it into focus. My husband said he didn't see anything...then said he thought he might be seeing what I was seeing. Took the test apart to get a better view. Same thing...extremely faint. Not sure it was even there. This morning it is certainly there. Still faint, but there...and pink. I took another one this morning (first urine) and it is definately negative. This kind of makes me believe in evaporation lines... or in the invalidity of a test after the alloted time. I'll test again in a few days, but nonetheless just because you have never experienced an "evaporation line" doesn't mean they don't exsist. And how can people push aside the evidence that a MAN got a faint line too? I'll post again when I retest. And if I'm not pregnant...then what will people think about this whole "evaporation line" thing?


helllllooooooo - September 30

do you guys realize this thread is almost a freakin year old???? ana, you're rehashing some lame argument between a bunch of ppl that probably aren't even around anymore. start a new thread for goodness sakes!


blc1234 - September 30

Ok I started this thread, so I guess I need to finish it. Evaporation lines do exist. So... Lets all be adults and follow the directions on the package like we are supposed to. If you get a line 0-10 minutes after you take the test, and its obvious, then you are prego. IF YOU DONT SEE A LINE, STOP PUTTING THE DAMN THING IN THE LIGHT AND HOPING/PRAYING FOR A LINE. IT'S NOT THERE. If you are still concerned maybe you should wait a week and test again, and if all else fails, go to the doc and show him your "line" He/she will get a good laugh. So to finalize this whole thing. I DID have an evap. line back in november, but hmmm, if i were prego, well I'd have a baby right now wouldn't I.


BLC134 - September 30

No not b___hy, actually I'm in a great mood. Just find it entertaining that this lame arguement has been goin on for almost a year. At least I know that evap lines exist, and any test in my house that is 10 minutes old is going in the trash AND STAYING THERE.


Sa__sygirl - October 1

Ok I am 6 days late I took the same test from the Dollar Store, got a negative a couple of days ago. Then this morning I got a dark pink and a faint pink line. So I am going to wait and take another on Monday, I have an appt. with my GYN on Tues, I am hoping for the best.


Sadey - October 3

Ok i see there's alot of confrontaion going on! Maybe its a year old, how and ever its a post and if someone wants to contribute to it let it be and get on. Just to see what the results are and to prove a point. If the ladies that are still on this board from (Last year), what result did u get. Was it a evaporation line or a pregnancy. Or was it both and the time limit does not matter. I see this board has half views on this topic. Yeh its old and all but that what its there for - something to learn from.


sarah - November 2

evaporation lines do appear, i got a evaporation line appear in the timeframe! and got my period a few days later.


mom of 4 - November 2

sorry (or congradulations?) but a faint or evaporating line usually means preg..take it in a day of two (in the am0 and see if it is stronger..which it will get as the hormone gets stronger


Melinda - November 15

What color was the line? I just took that same test and a few hours afterwards i looked at it and i got a line but im pretty sure it is an evap but not too sure because of the color?


Malia - December 27

I know this is a year old thread, but I thought I would join the list of possible answers.... I myself am a bit of a testahaulic... have taken many PG tests of all types... some with plus/minus signs some with just the stripes.. many to be sure... like many of you I am tending not to believe in the evaporation line..... I have taken many a test and been known to let it sit for days and recheck never have I got a false positive.. my last baby (which was my #3 pregnancy) I got a faint line that showed up a few hours late, but stayed faint for days until I finally tossed them... took another test a few days later the faint positive was less faint all read after the aloted time... I was pregnant obviously she is sleeping in the other room now..........OK now there are many of you who say you got a false positive with an evaporation line right?? and got flow a few days after a positive result?? well I have a logical explanation that I may offer because of personal experience and research... The first explanation for the positive results with a late evaporation line that ended in a period is....... that you were breifly pregnant but had an early miscarrage... 25% of all conceptions end in miscarrage.. if not more..test that take that long to show a positive result just means that you have very very little hormone in your body.. the test itself has antibodies to the HGC hormone that will react over time.... as your test sits the dye cloud of the initial reading evaporates away making it easier to read your positive result. I took two tests over the christmas hollidays... one was so faint that I only saw after a couple hours had past took another the next day... same thing only this time the end result read at about five hours later was a little darker positive... I know that many would hate to think they are pregnant and then miscarry very early and the home pregnancy companies probably don't want that either because woman are so hopefull most the time, that would be bad for bussiness, KWIM??... but I sincerely believe that with our technology of being able to detect the minutest smudgine of pregnancy hormone we are also able to see a lot more miscarrages at lot earlier.. I say if you know your body and feel you are probably pregnant you get a line no matter when it appears on the test than you are pregnant... and if blood shows a few days later than that pregnancy was lost......... most doctors blood test are qualitative and will act just like a pee test only they go by exact time periods to cover their b___ts.... but if you go and get a quant_tative blood test it will be able to see if there is one little fraction of hormone in your body it is good when you take blood test to know which one you are taking... most often it is the qualitative one like the home pregnancy tests it just is only so sensitive and has a certain time to react or with that in mind... good luck to all those hoping for a lasting positive result.... :) I am certianly hoping that my positive lasts...... :)


adelediva - January 2

hi to everyone , took a digital test said negative, when took from dispenser (secs) there was a blue line where the test should appear (evapouration line ?) the tests from boots uk . anyone else had this ? . thanks


silencingtearsofhope - January 2

you shouldn't believe any result that shows after the 10 minute time limit. but if it showed up in the time limit than i would say that you've got a positive no matter how faint it is. I've never seen an evaporation line before and I've taken TONS of pg tests!


JunieBug - February 28

I know this is an old post, but I ran across it when I was searching for information on evaporation lines. Here is my story. My last normal period was Dec. 15. My next "period" came around January 8. I mostly spotted during it and it was different than any of my other periods. I got worried that I could be pregnant. All of my pregnancy tests came back negative. I started spotting again on Jan. 20. I became more concerned. My b___sts were very tender so I decided to take another pregnancy tests. I took a First Response test. It initially came back negative. When I checked it 24 hours later, it was positive. The line was not gray or color-less, it was pink. Not doubt about it. According to most of you, I am probably pregnant. That would make me about 9 weeks pregnant. I made an appointment with my obgyn and he examined me and said my uterus did not feel enlarged. He ordered an ultrasound and guess what? No baby. Yes, evaporation lines do exists and yes they can be pink. It is best to do what the manufacturers say and that is to throw the test out after 10 minutes. Trust me. It will save you a lot of worry. Fortunately for me, I was not trying to conceive so I wasn't nearly as let down as someone who was trying to conceive.


michellesbabygirl - June 28

welp this thread is a million years old, cause i was part of it, back in late 2004! thought maybe i had an evap line, and then i did turn out to be pregnant. i went through iui's and clomid that month and was confused of what that might cause with an hpt, and now know NOTHING, it was the real deal, and i have a 22 mo old daughter to show for it. i have been ttc again for almost 21 mo (as she is almost 23 mo, so right away), and i was NOT a believer in evap lines before ttc this second baby. some brands have given me HORRIBLE evap lines, especially accuclear. i have about 8 of them right on my counter, and it sickens me how they have color, have thickness, and never turn out to be real. they show up not long after the limit, even a couple in the 10 minute frame, but i just hate that test cause it's so convincing, so i really wanna warn you ladies against that one, unless you just wanna try it, to see a second line, and then see what you believe. i mean maybe my pee is doing this, but i don't get it cause i never had an evap in my life until after this baby *cry*. i only know they are evaps, in past months because i'd immediately after taking one and getting that line that looked so real, i'd go and get a beta and heartbrokenly i'd find out i had a less then 2, which is definately not pregnant, so it's been a rollercoaster ride for me. blue dye tests are infamous i have learned for evap lines hours or less later, sometimes it can mean pregnant, sometimes not, i just do NOT understand why they would have color, but it happens, as i experience it nearly every month now. $ tree brand like the original poster of this thread used, i have seen many a faint line on those, so it really does exist however i don't believe everyone is prone to them. i don't know how or why after a lifetime of no evaps, and yes iam a trash digger...NEVER once, but now it happens. after trying so long, it's frustrating, but the new FRER'S and answers seem to be the most reliable IMO, and have always been evapless for me, the accuclear has been plain just evil. i got lots of pics that show lines that you would think that girl is pregnant but since i go for beta testing i know it isn't even a chemical, which would be better so at least i'd know my body is working, but i do believe some pee-ple lol is more suseptible to this phenominon though iam clueless to why, but with my 1st i did throw out a test and a long while later pulled it out, and it had a faint second line and i WAS pregnant, so the whole topic is very confusing cause alot of women who test alot, may never come across an evap in their lives, and some will. i don't doubt any of the people on this thread in their thinking cause they are basing it on their personal experiences, how can we judge them for that. right now iam in my 2 week wait, and praying these lines turn out real, but i still have a few months ago tests the accuclears that everyone told me for sure PREGNANT, and they still look incredible, but not the real deal. ttc is so hard, i think we should all just join together, and not get upset with people over this topic, just like some people have near death experiences and some never do, it's hit or miss. we are all different, so we cannot judge one's own personal experiences with this issue, cause we aren't seeing what they are seeing. yes..most evaps are hard to tell if there is color and some are thinner and that is a clue, BUT with accuclear those evaps can b__w your mind. trying to still think ++ despite my bad experience. wish me luck. this is a great topic, one soo many women are dying to know about, we should just lend them a hand and some knowledge, and hopefully most will get what they desire one way or the other. God bless. thanks for being there in my time of need nearly 3 yrs ago YIKES! where does the time go? hugs, michelle


poohcma102 - June 28

Congrats you are pregnant! :) With my daughter I threw away the test after the ten minutes because it showed negitive. My husband found it much later that night and there was the pink line. With this baby it showed up about a hour later and I am now 20 weeks. Again congrats and good luck.


Carolyn - July 12

Okay...Last night (or way weee early this morning) I took a HPT..Walgreens brand....Looked at it after one minute (so i thought) and thought i saw a teensy weensey faint line...almost sorta invisible...then i showed my friend who said "What?! i dont see anything"....then 9 to 10 minutes later...we looked under the light and it was plain as day +...faint but still visible...darker than when i looked at it before...i dont know. could it be an Evap line? or is it a positive? I am going to get a blood test today.



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