Hubby Wants To Find Out The Sex Im Unsure

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tegs x - October 10

my hubby wants to find out the s_x of our second child, 1.. because he thinks it will benefit us financially, 2.. hes sick of calling it IT basically. thing is we found out last time by accident of the radiographer and they said it was a girl, then i went into labour and this girl seemed to have a p__s, yes it was a boy, so im unsure, i really like the idea of just not knowing, but i dont want to upset him as i also know hes absolutley desperate to know.. just want some feed back on anyone who has found out then regretted it, or it was wrong for the 2nd time... thankyou


M.A. - October 10

I can't wait to find out about mine. One more week to go! My friend wanted to know so bad, that she had an ultrasound done when she was about three months by her husband's friend who works at a hospital. Why don't you have the doctor secretly tell your husband when you have the next u.s? I've never seen an u.s to be wrong personally, or with any friends. Even with my friend who had hers done so early. Hope everything goes good!


kellie - October 10

How funny. My husband and I are just the opposite. He absolutely does not want to know. I do, because I want to get started on a beautuful nursery, and I don't want to do a unis_x theme. He said I should just find out and not tell is that supposed to work???


Ida - October 10

With the first I didnt want to know, my husband did. I would have been ok with him just knowing, but my husband CAN NOT keep a secret and I was sure he would have told me or told someone else in front of me. I would have been p__sed, because I absolutely did not want to know. So we drew straws, we also ended up pulling her name out of a hat. He liked one first name and middle name and I liked another set. The only way to be fair I thought was the way we did it. I did make sure he didn't write the same name on both pieces of paper, he WOULD be that devious. This time we are having a boy, at my first US we were flashed, we never even had time to discuss if we wanted to know or not. It was hanging out for all to see, so the kid decided for us.


k - October 10

I agree with M.A.-have the dr. tell your husband in private. However, your husband will probably slip up and blurt out what it is, so if you do it this way, you will probably find out before hand anyway. To kellie-if you find out and do not tell your husband-just keep the nursery door closed/locked so that he doesn't see what gender you are decorating for.


ally - October 10

Both my partner and i didn't want to know, i didn't want to know cause deep down i wanted a girl but i had to realise it could be a boy, which i did start to prepare myself for and of course would have been estatic, we had a girl and it was the best feeling to not know, after all that pain u want some suprise at the end.... I always thought i'd wanna know but its a buzz to just not know then be told, thats my opinion anyhow.....


tegs - October 11

well he still wants to find out, and i know for a fact if he found out without me, which is not allowed in my hospital, as apparently it can cause arguments and lead to violence in the relationship?, so he is not allowed to know with out my consent. im gonna find out, ive got another 6 weeks to wait yet, im nearly 14 now. hope your all ok.


Gemma - October 16

I think it is a lot more exiting if you don't find out the s_x. When you have had the baby it is great phoning everyone to tell them the s_x of the child after they have all been guessing for 9 months.



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