Husband And Porn

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Jenn - March 9

My husband watches alot of p___n at night wen he thinks that i am asleep, it makes me sick and also he tends to touch himself whilst doing this. I am 26 weeks pregnant and it's not as if I am s_x starving him it's always me who wants to have a s_x and me who does all the work. I can't understand y he has to watch this I'm begginning to go off him and have dreams of having an affair on him. What do you ladies think about that then?


tara - March 9

Good advice SugarPie...i completely agree.


Jenn - March 9

We both do have good s_x wen we do have it, I mean before I got pregnant I have watched p___n with it but it does nothing for me he just goes wild on it. I also do think that he watched alot of it before he was married to me and got off on it. I just think it's distgusting, also do u think i'll have the time to watch my own p___n when i have had the baby? Some men have strange hobbies LOL!


my thoughts - March 9

If you knew he watched and liked p___n before you married him, then you have nothing to complain about. Do some soul searching and figure out what the real problem is. Obviously it was not too much of a problem as you married him. Something else must be wrong in your relationship, or with your self-esteem, which is causing you to take issue with this while pregnant. Maybe it is hormones?


KM - March 9

Dr.Phil recently did a show on this actually, which probably would have been good to watch. in society, it is typically considered acceptable for guys to always look at p___n, but Dr.Phil said it is not acceptable. I didn't watch the whole show, but I know he was mentioning that it isn't a healthy relationship if you are making your wife feel insecure because you are always looking at p___n and fantasing about having s_x with those women. But at the same time, IMO, I think p___n can be part of a healthy s_xual relationship if it is shared as a couple, and as long as it's not making one of the partners feel insecure and not good enough.


J - March 9

It is not acceptable it is degrading to women and disrespectful. You should tell your husband that it bothers you. If you are uncomfortable with it then it is not OK!!!!


Missy - March 9

I happen to watch p___n with my man on occa__sion. Yea, sure I get a little jealous if he watches it without me - I mean, after all, those women (even if most of them look like crack whores) are supposed to be the "fantasy" women. But I think that when we watch it together he isn't really thinking about being with those women - I think it just turns him on and he just wants me more. There have been times where we "simulate" what the people on TV are doing. So long as BOTH people are secure with it, there is nothing wrong or degrading about p___n - after all, those people are adults making very good money "performing". On the other hand, when there is a person, such as Jenn, who feels uncomfortable with it for whatever reason (though I do have to ask, what about it makes you uncomfortable Jenn?) the other party should respect them and refrain from watching p___n. I told my man that I don't have a problem with p___n, which is why we watch together, but that I don't feel comfortable with him watching it alone, which is OK with him. That is just me, and like I said, I feel that if one side is not comfortable, then it should stop being an issue ad no more p___n in the house. With me, I don't have a problem with movies - but if he even HINTED he wanted to go to a strip club (which he has never ever done in his life so I doubt he would start now at 34) he knows all HELL would break loose!


momof3 - March 9

My husband is on the other end of this hole thing Porn does nothing for him. "So he says".. I like it. I learned a lot of new tricks from it :) And Yes it turns me on!!


Missy - March 9

Go on with your bad self momof3!!!! LOL - my mad was surprised when I moved into his place and had p___ns, a vibrator and lube and he didn't have so much as a magazine!! LOL - though we don't use the toy, the movies do spice things up....


E - March 9

Porn is my friend, as I am in an anti-s_x mood at 9 months pregnant. I am grateful that my husband has some superficial material in the house so that he leaves me the hell alone. Jerk away honey!!!


Missy - March 9

Hi E - How are you feeling (other than hugely un-s_xy)? I got my first comment today (from someone who knows I am pregnant) oh, look at your belly!! OH, that b___d. Now, I am a thin girl 5'5 and 119 before pregnancy and I am about 11 weeks (just shy) at this point and I was HOPING I would get any belly comments for a while, so needless to say, I am feeling pretty d__n uns_xy myself today.....Any who, now that I am totally off subject.....


E - March 9

Wow Missy, you are starting to show already? I did not truly show until almost 5 months, and I wished I was showing earlier. I think we want the opposite of what we have. I am sure you look adorable!! I am getting worse each day, with the back pain. I am almost unable to walk. I am going to call my OB tomorrow and DEMAND a referral for physical therapy. She blew me off the other day, as if this is somehow no big deal. Enjoy your belly:) There is something beautiful inside of it!


Missy - March 9

Yea, well that's the thing - I didn't think I was showing at all and have been told by my b/f constantly that I don't look like I have changed, but d__n, this girl had to go and say something....Really I just look the same with funny skin and some sort of food in my I haven't gone to the gym in a few months (which I haven't)...Though I will say that I was hit on by a Vietnamese girl today, she told me I have a beautiful body....LOL it was so funny because my b/f has always had a thing for Asian women (exotic or something like that and here I am, blonde and white, but anyway) and so he's thinkin he is getting the best of both worlds - he has a thing for Asian girls and Asian girls have a thing for me. LOL, I told him to think of that in a few months when he won't be able to get his p___s anywhere near me because I will feel to ginormous...he can remind himself of the Asian girl hitting on his girl in the shower for all I care, LOL!!!


E - March 9

LOL Missy!! Men and their fantasies... My husband has a book full of them, all involving other women and me. Whatever keeps him alive! I will consider the chiro. I need some kind of treatment. Hopefully my OB takes me seriously tomorrow. G'nite!! I got no sleep last night so I am turning in early.


Jenn - March 10

Hi ladies thanks for your thoughts, well Missy sometimes when my husband is watching it it does turn me on listening to him jerking off to it, but if i was to say what you doing or tried to join in he just stops. I have told him that i do hear him and he did stop but then it has popped up again. I think it may have something to do with that we get the channels FREE so he may think he is missing out on it. I mean there is no insecurity in our relationship there are times where he wants to have a little rompy pompy but then am not in the mood. We were like rabbits wen we 1st started seeing each other and have watched p___n together to stimulate both of us. But sometimes when he is doing it I just don't understand why he has to do it with me next to him, maybe that might turn him on. He is the loveliest and sweetest man in world, but just that one little thing is a d__n nusiance!!!!


KC - March 10

If you guys are comfortable with the p___n it is no big deal if you enjoy it. But if your hubby is getting it off on it and it bothers you than you need to talk to him and let him know that it bothers you. I personally think it is discusting and has lead our country and our youth to low morality. If you don't think it is degrading to woman than think again. In a land of opportunity we all should be able to find a way to make money besides taking our clothes off or having s_x with men.


(()) - March 10

KC lives in a box.



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