Husband Bf S Dream Amp Baby S Sex

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cc - March 3

Did anyone's husband/BF have a dream about the s_x of the baby? Was the dream accurate about the s_x of the baby?


momof3 - March 3

Not about the s_x of the baby, but he did have a dream about what she looked like. The night before I was going to be induced he had a dream that she had long fingers and long legs. When she came out the next day 9-11-01 he said she looked just like she did in his dream :)


Misty - March 3

lol, when I was pregnant the doctor told me it was going to be a girl. We bought dresses and bows and all things pink and purple and pretty. Even had a baby shower for a girl. The grandpa had a dream that she was going to be this beautiful little girl with long, curly, reddish brown hair and gla__ses(neither me or the dad wear gla__ses). Then to all of our amazments, when I had my final ultrasound before the baby was born it turned out that we were really having a boy. Sorry the story was so long, but talk about the dream being way off on everything. Our son doesn't even have that color hair, and it isn't curly:)


leslie - March 4

I wish my bf would dream with the baby but even if he did, he would not mention it :( I dont know what is wrong with him.... He seems not interested at ALL about the baby and all I do is cry...sorry ladies maybe this has nothing to do but I had to get it out.


Kelly - March 4

Hi boyfriend is exactly how you describe yours not intrested..or nothing and all i do is cry also...but anyway that has nothing to do with this post but just thought id make you feel that your not alone :) i dont know if he has dreams or not but i sure do..and every time i dream about her she always looks different in every one :)


leslie for kelly - March 4

well now I know I am not the only one and belive me I am sorry..I know how it feels you know what is the worst? before I found out I was pregnant, HE used to talk to me about a baby and how our baby was going to look, and that he wanted a big family with me! WHAT THE F**K HAPPENED?


Billie - March 4

In my husbands first dream, it was a girl. The second dream (right before the u/s) he drempted it was a boy. We're having a boy! Have any of you women not had a dream about their baby yet. I haven't, is that weird?


Ginger - March 4

Billie, I haven't had any dreams about my baby boy either. Just day dreams. I can't wait to see him! We had an anatomy scan done Monday and everything looked good. That put any anxiety to rest...for the moment.



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