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its a girl - February 26

I am really upset I feel that I am alone in this pregnancy know I have three girls oldest is 12 and the middle one is 10 and my youngest is 8 and I also had a littel boy before all the girls but he passed away at 1 day old so ever since my baby boy passed away my husband wanted a littel boy and I had tree girl,he loves his girls with all his heart but he wanted to try one more time and I really did not want to but I agreed and I am very happy know I love to be pregnant well my first sono said that I was having a boy and that was about 1 month ago and I had another one on the 23rd and the tec said it was a girl my husband is in depression I dont even know if he knows how he got home hr told me that he dont want to talk to anybody and went straight to his room and just layed there know I am all alone he wont even touch mt stomach. well I am happy I love little girls and enjoy the pregnancy with him or with out him I told him that he should me lucky that he is having a healthy baby some poeple cant even have kids and would be happy with any gender and stop being selfish


Sm - February 26

You cant blame your husband for feeling that way. Im sure he still loves you and his girls more than ever. He's propably still grieving over your son and the news of another girl instead of a boy propably just put him back into grieving. He;ll come around. Dont hold his depresseion or grieving against him. He's just trying to deal and im sure he'll love his new daughter just as much.


Jbear - February 27

It could be that the first ultrasound was correct. Some men get strange about the idea of having a son. My father in law is a nutcase on the subject...he came to see me in the hospital the day after my daughter was born and ha__sled me for two hours about when we would start trying to have a son. He even told my husband that he should divorce me and try to have a son with another woman, if I wouldn't have baby after baby until I produced a son. I haven't spoken to him since then. I'm sorry about your husband's reaction, I'm sure it feels like a rejection of your daughters. He'll come around when he holds your new baby (son or daughter) in his arms.


Maleficent - February 27

give him time. he loves his little girls and he'll love this little girl. untill he comes around you have 3 daughters who i'm sure are very excited to share your pregnancy with. it's not the same, but you're not alone.



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