Husband Has No Sex Drive

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Tracey - November 29

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this as well. My husband and I are currently 26 years old and I'm also 26 weeks pregnant. I haven't lost my s_x drive since I've become pregnant (except for the first 8-14 weeks when all I did was throw up), but my husband has completely lost his. We went from having s_x 5-7 times a week to maybe once every week or two. We talked about it last night (I was pretty upset) and he told me that he just looks at me a little different right now that I'm carrying his little baby girl. I'm not worried that there's someone else because he's still very loving and emotionally attached, he wants to cuddle all the time. I'm just worried that he's going to permanently view me as a mother now and not as his s_xual partner. Please tell this is a phase and it will come back for him. He doesn't seem to understand that this hurts my feelings. In reality I know there's probably a good explanation for it all, but my altered body image has me thinking it's because I'm getting a rather large pregnant belly and he's just not attracted to me. I keep trying to get that thought out of my head, but it's not working. I keep thinking that it's because I'm not really in any physical condition to be wearing s_xy nighties right now. Any advice from the mom's who have been through this would be greatly appreciated.


Christine - November 29

Tracey...many men lose their s_x drive when there girlfriend or wife is pregnant...most of the time it is due to the fact that there is a baby in there that is theirs and they are afraid that they will hurt it...dont worry so's not good for you or the baby...your more than half way there...and I'm almost 100% positive that his regular s_x drive will come back soon after delivery...though yours might change some due to having a newborn keeping you very busy...good luck..


lilmama - November 29

My husband would not have s_x with me at all from 28 weeks until after delivery. He was scared he would hurt the baby. I went into premature labor at 28 weeks and was on bed rest for a month, but after that we were allowed to have s_x and he just wouldnt. I cried and cried because I thought I was so fat and ugly and that he would never want me again. I was feeling just the way you are right now, but now I realize it was his way of being concerned about our son. Don't worry about it, soon after delivery he will be on you like white on rice and you will have to beat him off with a stick! It is just a phase a lot of men go through. They have a lot to deal with at this time too.


Tracey - November 29

Thanks for your advice, I feel a lot better knowing it's a common problem.



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