Husband Might Kill Me

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~SB~ - April 28

Well, long story short...I'm on the pill, got my wisdom teeth out and was on husband and I really went at it for like 10 or 12 days and didnt use a backup method. Today I feel like shit, and just now when I went to the bathroom I discovered a light pink something when I wiped. I probably already know the answer to this but I asking anyway...Is this a pretty good indication that I'm possibly pregnant?


~SB~ - April 28

Sorry the the typo....(I'm* asking)...also, my wisdom teeth still kinda hurt...should I stop taking the pain meds if I might be preggers?


Amy - April 28

Well I am currently pregnant with my second child. I never had any symptoms like that though. Maybe other women have. My symptoms were lack of period and vomiting. Im sure that your husband wont kill you. If anything it will probably bring you closer. I think you should have a pregnancy test done at a doctors office to see for sure. Then I would stop taking the meds, but until you know for sure, I think you will be ok. Good luck


Liz - April 28

Oooh you don't want to probably know this but I do know someone that got preg. that way as some anitbiotics so indeed make the pill ineffective. Best of luck!


To SB - April 28

Congradulations are in order here I think! Best wishes!


. - April 28

sounds like you knew exactly what you were doing when you took the antibiotics without back up method. of course you can be preggers, but i think you already know that.


~SB~ - April 29

Okay, well this morning I've gone from a hardly anything very light pink spotting to dark brown pinkish and heavier? Any explination?


Yup - April 29

~SB~ Congrats mommy to be! thats what it sounds like anyway. you know what you have to do now.


to sb - April 29

Implantaion bleeding. I think you need to get a test. Congrats!


Lynn - April 29

Do you want a baby?


~SB~ - April 29

I wouldnt mind one...I'm just SUPER nervous b/c I miscarried my last pregnancy. We really want to have everything planned out so we could watch the pregnancy carefully from the beginning. I didnt think I would get pregnant on the pill b/c it took me FOREVER to get pregnant off birth control!



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