Husband Scaring Me

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jen - July 29

My husband has told me he is scared of me dying in child birth, and has had 'visions' of it happening.....i always laughed it off- he is a big worrywart- but then he told be i was pregnant the day we concieved, and he was right about the at 30 weeks i am starting to panick...what if he is right????!!!!


jb - July 29

Try not to worry, Im sure you will be okay. It is very, very, rare for a woman to die in childbirth. It probably is a common fear for men that something will happen to there wife. Tell your husband to stop worrying and think good thoughts!!!!


BBK - July 29

Things will be fine.Both your vital signs are monitored and action can be taken in case there is a problem. Dying at birth is a thing of the past.


.!? - July 29

Did he just happen to see Star Wars III? Hehe.Probably why .


jen - July 29

no...what was in starwars??? we were gonna go!!! is this a common thing men have fears about???


bmp - July 29



r - July 29

i wouldnt worry. the chances of that happening are extremely unlikely. just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and tell your husbabnd to stop freaking you out. what is he trying to do, give you a heart attack? j/j congrats on the baby


.!? - July 29

Anakin told the princess that he kept dreaming of her dying at childbirth and she did.


to jen - July 29

It is highly, highly, highly would really be a statistic. Besides, you are now at 30 weeks, so what does your hubby want you to do, abort it? I mean, he really should stop verablizing it since it is freaking you out. If he can't be more sensitive to you about this then you should suggest he talk to a professional who can alleviate his fears.


jess - July 29

I'm sure this is a fear most men have about their wives. They are terrified of losing them and then having to raise the baby all alone. Maybe its because men are usually the ones that do the 'dangerous' stuff and they consider childbirth dangerous, only there is nothing they can do to help us. Oh, and dont go see Star Wars 3 until AFTER you have the baby and all is well. :-)


jess - July 31

yeah, i think the starwars plans r gonna be put on hold!!! thats is quite a relief to hear is is very rare...he was strating to get to me!! and yeah0- not nice to do to an emotional pregnantgal!!!


miriam - August 1

Don't worry. Death in dreams usually means a big change or an end to something and a start of something new, which is very reasonable under the circ_mstances.



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