Husband Wants To Come To 1st Dr Appt

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machelle - June 20

My husband wants to come to my first doctor appointment. I'm not sure if he should? Will the doctor let him in the room for the ultrasound? I don't want him to waste a trip and I cannot talk him out of it.


BBK - June 20

I've been to almost all of my wife's appointments, and doc always lets me in. He even asked where I was whenever I didn't show up..... but if you don't want him there, it's a different story.


machelle - June 20

Thanks. I would love for him to be there. I just wasn't sure if it was too early for him to be there at the first visit. I am only 71/2 to 8 wks.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 20

Let him join you. It's a whole new experience for him too, and it's wonderful that he wants to be so involved. The doctors will let him in for every visit. Cherish the moment, my hubby was so interested in the first pregnancy, but with each subsequent one, he is a little less attentive. Now he only goes to the ultrasound appointments. :o)


Katharine - June 20

He might want to come to the first, then determine what will happen at the subsequent visits. At the first appointment, I had an intervnal exam, no ultrasound, so my hubby probably would have not been too excited about that (even though he's seen me give birth before). It would be a good chance to get his questions answered and get him involved. We heard the heartbeat at 12 weeks or so and he and my daughter came for that. I didn't have an ultrasound until 20 weeks. However, some doctors do one at the initial appointment, so you may want to call and see what they will do at your appointment.


monica - June 20

my husband went to our first appointment... we were suppose to hear the heart beat but were unable to. But he has been to all the ultra sounds which is all 5 of them... and then to a couple appoitnments and to all of the glucose test... which I had to take 3. Actually the first appointment I had a pap smear... and my husband was there but I didnt mind at all.


Yes - June 20

I would bring him because my first appt they did an ultasound. Its also nice to have them there for support


Julz - June 20

It's admirable that your husband wants to join you at your appt. It shows that he's taking a serious interest in whats going on. As far as the doctor not letting him come along, I've never heard of a doctor disallowing any sort of support person to go back with the mother. My fiance wasn't able to make it to one of my appts., so my sister came along, and the Dr. never said she couldn't come, yes I would strongly recommend that your husband come with you to your visit.


E - June 20

The partner is always welcome to view the ultrasound, in the US at least. My OB always looked at me strangely when hub could not make the appointments. It was a pity look... lol.


K - June 20

you're kidding right?


Cindy - June 20

I'd loooove for my partner to be there and no doctor could stop me from doing so!!!! Heck, he's half of the reason of why I'm there!!!!


Jessie V - June 20

My husband went to the first Dr. appt. but he didn't go back. I went somewhere else for the u/s, he went then too. He was so glad he did. At our u/s we found out I was 11w not 6w like the Dr. thought. I can still see the look on his face when he saw our baby and we heard the heart beat. We get to feel all the movement and experence things our husbands can not. It was a way for him to get to see his little one and get excited too!


Amy - June 20

Take the poor guy. If he wants to go that is awesome. My husband hasn't missed an appointment yet. He should be allowed into everything. Let him see just what you have to go through. He may start to feel bad for you. The first visit is one of the worst visits and it is comforting to have someone else there with you. Let him be involved as much as possible and thank him for wanting to be there so bad. Sounds like you have a good guy!! Good Luck!


machelle - June 21

Thank you to eveyone for responding. I am bringing him with me to my appt tomorrow. The only reason I was debating was I didn't want him to just sit in the waiting room while I was in with the doctor. I am a first timer and did not know what to expect.


Jessica F. - June 21

Yes the dr will allow him to come to your first appt and he will be allowed to come in if you want him in there. My hubby came to my first appt and we've been alternating between my mother and him ever since. This one I'll be going alone


nelly - June 21

My husband has always went with me and always been in the room with me even my 4 year old daughter and my mil.


Jamie - June 22

ABSOLUTELY allow your husband to go - mine has only missed 1 appointment, and that was absolutely unavoidable. He can be there, or not, as is his desire - my husband is in the room with me for the duration of every exam, except for pelvic exams.



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