Husband Withholding Sex

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NCornejo - July 5

Why doesn't my husband want to have any kind of s_xual intercourse? Not even me pleasering him? I am 31 weeks and he says, "It's not comfortable". I don't know about you, but I need it more now then I ever have before. Looking else where? Help!


JESS1980 - July 5

Why does he say it's uncomfortable??


sarahd - July 5

I've read that some men feel uncomfortable having s_x when their wife is pregnant - they feel it may hurt the baby. Even though it's not true they feel that way. Have you asked him whether that's a concern of his?


NCornejo - July 5

He never comes out with any kind of straight forward answer. He just tells me its unconfortable and he isn't in the mood.


charliepaulchloe - July 6

my partner is the same he said it feels weird cause the baby is there im currently 25 wks and havent had s_x for about 2wks now. i think they feel the baby can see whats happening lol. my partner is not fat but a big fella so even trying other positions for us would be harder as instead of my belly being in the way his would be LOL. Iknow what you mean though how ur s_x drive has gone up!!!! Try talking to him and show him a website that states it wont harm the baby. I actually had my dr asking if i was still s_xually active cause its a good thing if i was. in the next few weeks it could actually help with ur labour starting!


sunshyne9 - July 6

wow that's sad.. but I have heard of men thinking they are gonna hurt there baby or the baby is watching lol I mean there is no chance that the mans p___s will reach up to wher the baby is sitting at this time.. do you please yourself cause he won't??? I would m_________e right in front of him.. maybe it would turn him on.. maybe it would p__s him off?? Not too sure but hey it's worth a shot.. He can't do that to you.. I mean I told my b/f that he's having s_x with me right up till the end.. he says as long as I want it hes fine with it...good luck and hopefully he gives you waht you want soon.. Being s_xually frustrated while being pregneat isn't fun lol


mommyke - July 6

mY husband is the same way. We do it sometimes, but not nearly as much. I have forced the answer out of him that it has nothing to do with my attractiveness (I am convinced I am a beached whale) but that he just feels "weird" doing it with his son RIGHT THERE. I have heard from many people that this is normal, so don't worry.


Olivene - July 6

I think my husand can only see me as a mother right now. He kisses me on the forehead. I think the idea of s_x with the mommy offends him. I want it all the time, though! 35 weeks here, and I want the rea__surance that I am still s_xy to him. I am trying to accept his point of view, but we will have to discuss it more!!!


frankschick2001 - July 6

LOTS of men do this. Also, if your husband was witholding s_x, that would mean he is refusing to have s_x with you until you meet some kind of demand of his! I'm sure this is not the case. He may just be uncomfortable with the notion of having s_x with you with the baby so close to being born. He may feel like he shouldn't be "down there" with the baby right there! Maybe he is afraid of hurting it. Some men are turned off by the womans' belly. there can be lots of reasons for this. If he doesn't even want you to do anything to him, then maybe he just isn't in the mood. There probably is no reason other than that. And when we are not in the mood we expect them to respect that right? So we should do the same for them. Just back off a little bit and he will get back to normal soon. Some men even find that they have a new found "respect" for their wives about to become mothers and don't want them to do anything "dirty". He'll either get over this on his own after the baby is born or just sit down and tell him that baby or no baby you are still the same woman and still want him the same way as before.


lynnstress - July 8

My hubby was like this. He said it weirded him out because "there's a baby in there!" After I found out I was pregnant, we had s_x only once or twice during my entire pregnancy. I told him that MAYBE I would want to have s_x with him about seven months after the baby was born, to see how he liked it. :p Your hubby is probably just a little freaked out about the whole thing like mine was.



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