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Kim - April 24

I don't know if I am writing in the 'right' forum but I'm not sure where to ask this question. Actually I'm more like venting. Anyway I am 11 weeks pregnant and so excited-first baby. I have been married for 3 years and we were ttc. Anyway I feel like since I've been pregnant I've become boring. My husband doesn't take me out-or is very affectionate. He's afraid to be intimate and I am just feeling really lonely. I tried talking to him and he thinks I am just being overly emotional due to hormones. MAybe I am but I feel I need a little extra attention or affection right now. Anyone else feel like this? Thanks for listening


Heavenly - April 24

Hi Kim. Yes, I know just what you mean and to be honest you should be getting that extra attention. I am having a similar prob. My husband gets ill all the time. One minute he is all lovey to me and pampering me....wanting me to rest and relax.....the next he is lecturing me and treating me like my feelings just don't matter to him at all. I feel so lonely at times as well. What's even sadder is that he works all the time and the little time I do get to spend with him UI wish he was working or hanging with his friends because I just know that I will do something to p__s him off at me. I can't take the stress anymore.


sad too - April 24

I feel similar....I am a little over 10 weeks. My issue is the fact that the farther along I get in the pregnancy, the worse my body looks. I feel really insecure about all that right now. Hubby is affectionate and tries, but i still get "fussed" at b/c of "hormones" But I haven't felt moody in about a week 1/2 (the same time morning sickness went away) I can't talk to him, he gets defensive. I find p___n on his computer, which makes me feel "replaced" but he doesn't understand how i feel, its like he won't even try. :(


Ginger - April 24

I don't know why men can't understand the changes our bodies are going through. I don't feel attractive so that is going to make me a little more sensitive. My skin had been breaking out and although I know my husband loves me and is excited about the baby-I too feel that I need a little extra attention and rea__surance here and there. I can't help how sensitive I have become-trust me I wish I could. Heavenly-my husband works all the time too and then after work he'll go for a beer with his coworkers and then come home to me for dinner and then he's off to bed. I just feel lonely. How do we get the attention we deserve? LOL


minx - April 24

lock him in a room and tell him you arent well and you really really need him around because you are scared of what could be wrong :). giving him a little worry might make him feel guilty and he might give you more attention than usual.hehe like when i feel nauseated and wants to puke and he's just working away in his computer...i tell him after a trip to the bathroom that my stomach feels funny and i need him to give me a little ma__sage and maybe some freshly squeezed juice would help settle my stomach, too. it's not really tricking him coz it could be true :-)). we just need his extra hand.if he still doesnt budge, call his mother haha.


KEEKEE - April 24

Cry, that always work for me. Maybe you can get some jewelry and cravings out for it....hehe...Good luck


to minx - April 24

Good idea!!!


Carly - April 25

I think we all get pretty emotional. we deserve a little special treatment for our husbands!!!



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