Hyatus Hernia Problems Heart Burn Anyone

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Kathy - June 14

I have a Hernia and it feels like I am having a heart attack !! I never had this till I got pregnant. Does anyone know how to make that horrible pain go away? I already take Zantac for Heartburn, but its not helping the other.


Shelly - May 26

Papaya pills make heartburn go away. Talk to your doctor about the hernia.


amine - June 8

I think ... Don't eat during the two hours before you sleep, especially dairy ptoducts


emma - June 11

i have this and the only thing that helps is gaviscon


Karen - June 14

You should be asking your doctor what is safe to take during pregnancy. I too have a hiatal hernia, and am anxious to see what medications I can take when it starts to really hurt later on in my pregnancy.


lisa - June 1

my mum has hyatus hernia and i dont know what it is, i can not find any info on it can someone help


Karen - June 1

How do you know you are have a Hernia ? Never had one so not sure, I heared they are painful


Audrea - June 1

I feel your pain. I have always had to take Nexium due to Hiatal Hernia and reflux. Now that I am pregnant it is in overdrive and I take Zantac 150mg sometimes twice a day. That is prescription strength and it seems to work pretty well for me. If it does not help you taking it that way you may need to switch meds to one that does help. I have had to switch from time to time. Hope that helps, I know it can be very uncomfortable and keep you from slepping, and sometimes can be painful. I hope it gets better for you. Have you talked to your Doc about it. They may have some great suggestions. I have to avoid foods and beverages that I know will make it worse.


Audrea - June 1

I was told by my Perinatalogist that Mylanta was okay to take and the Zantac is in Pregnancy category C, so it means you take only if you have to while pregnant. There has not been any studies showing that this med causes any ill effects to the fetus, so you have to think about how you feel personally on taking this med and how bad are you suffering. If it is as bad as mine, it is better to have a pregnant mom to feel okay than to have one constantly hurting and rasing stress hormones in the body, which is known to effect the fetus. To the second Karen, I found out I had one when I had an endoscopy done where they put a tube with a camera at the end down my esophagus and into the stomach. They can visually see it that way. They can also tell when you drink a barium subtance that shows up on x-ray while it goes down the esophagus and into the bowels. It shows the structures and if there are abnormalities in the way it goes down. I hope I made that understandable enough.



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