I Am Able To Get My Nails Done And Dye My Hair

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Melanie M. - August 2

I will be 32 weeks along on August 14/2005. I was wondering if it's safe to get your nails done and what kind of nails I should go for. Is it safer to get gel nails or arylic nails put on? Also I have heard it's not safe to dye your hair when your pregnant? Is that true or what?


nicole - August 3

i dont know about the nail thing but it is not safe to dye your hair. Im verry sure of that. The namonia in the dye is verry strong along with other chemicals. You dont have much longer until baby is born. i would wait. Good luck and God bless


KrisD - August 3

I have been coloring my hair since I made it through the 1st trimester (per doctor's instructions to wait till 2nd trimester). I have also been doing my own nails... Many pregnant women get manicures and pedicures... I would make sure you go to a reputable, well ventilated place. I am sure many others can give you more specific nail advice. I have seen it on some other threads....


HDF - August 3

It is safe to color your hair while pregnant. I am a hairdresser and have been coloring my hair since the 2nd trimester. However the smell of the ammonia may bother you. Just be sure that you go to a salon that is well ventalated. I always tell my pregnant clients to talk to your doctor about the research that is out there. I spoke to my doctor as soon as I got pregnant since it is my profession, I was very concerned about the health of my child. As far as nails go I really don't know anything about gels, but I do know several of my preggo friends get their acrylics done every two weeks. However, I do know the smell bothers me and you have to have them filled every two weeks. Several days ago someone else posted a question about haircolor and I believe "E" responded with a website that gave specific details about research that has been done about haircolor during pregnancy. Everything I've read, including that website said haircolor is fine.


HDF - August 3

The website that was suggested is: www.otispregnancy.org You'll have to open a PDF file. I'm sure there's even more out there if you check.


Beccah - August 3

I watched a TV show on the Discovery Health channel "Pregnancy for Dummies" which said that dying your hair while pregnant is perfectly ok. They said that it is a myth that it can do harm to the fetus. I'm sure there are some websites to check out if you need more info. I wouldn't recommend WORKING around those fumes (nail salons and hair dying places) but I'm sure getting your stuff done every once in a while is ok.


Lisa - August 9

I am eight weeks pregnant and have been doing my own nails. I have been using nail glue, which has gotten on my skin because i bite my nails. Will this go into my blood stream and cause damage?


Shelly - August 11

I have had a few friends that have colored their hair while pregnant and it got really dry and straw like...one friend started loosing her hair. I would do a test patch underneath my hair so if it does so if it does dry it out you have the rest of your hair to cover it up. As for the pedicures my doc said its ok as long as they are not ma__saging your feet.


Amanda - August 20

it is both ok to dye and have nails done. it will not in any way seep into the blood streem from the roots of the hair or from the nail bed. however the amonia or the acrylic toxins may affect as would smoking whilst breathing in.. how long can oyu hold your breath for.. and are you able to get both done outside!



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