I Am Going To Miss You Girls

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leslie - May 19

I just wanted to say that I am going to miss you girls sooo much when my baby comes!!..I am very close to tears, I am going to have to come and visit just for fun..you guys make me laugh soooo much. I am rolling on the bed cracking up ALL DAY!! even my yorkie looks at me like if I am kinda psycho.. I have been very sentimental this past weeks and I don't know what the FISH is wrong with me!! I guess pregnancy hormones ha! Doesn't it happen to any of you gilrs that you can't even kill a fly b/c you feel sorry for it?? It has happened to me and I hate it!!


What a - May 19

sweet thing you are!!!! You will be a great mom and your baby is going to be absolutley wonderful!!! Good luck to you!!!!


leslie - May 19

forgot to mention that I still have 20 weeks to go..so I guess I will be here for a while :) but still :(


Lissi - May 20

You don't need an excuse to come here, but will you have time to come back when the little one arrives? If you do, I know that as a new parent I'd be grateful to hear your experiences or advice on looking after a newborn. :) Wait a minute! I only have 15 and a bit weeks to go! So I guess I'l be up to my ears in diapers by the time your baby arrives anyway.Time is starting to go by very fast! I don't feel at all ready for it! Any way, I'll probably be back as this site has become somewhat of an addiction to me. :)


leslie - May 20

I know what you mean lissi, I have also thought that I am going to have no time to come back..I imagine that after my water breaks I am going to loose track of time..I imagine myslef in the house with the baby b___stfeeding every hour and trying to ger sleep and then all of the sudden the baby crying again..and dipers everywhere and my face looking like shet for the next 3 months!! Is it really that bad?? or it depends on the baby?


Karen - May 20

Right here with you Leslie. I spend half my day reading posts and responding. My work load is back up about a month or soooo. My boss will soon fire me !! HA HA who gives the company is closing anyway and he spends his time on the net also reading news. He also reads some of the posts and enjoys then very much , NUFF LOVE to all of you and the very best with your little ones.



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