I Am Hear To Tell My Symtoms I Would Really Want Advice

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SAYS NO PREG - October 16

Alright, i am hear to share what is going on with me. I am now 21 DAYS LATE for my period. Still nothing. I am having bit of cramping but more of this stretching/pulling cramping on my sides, and lower belly. As the days go on, i am using the restroom CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!! eating as well. Now my belly * under belly botton * is starting to bother me *itching*. I am having dizziness *head aches * stomach pains * nausea * back pain * just everything over all. I am so confused on what is going on with me because i took 3 TESTS ALL TOGETHER and all came back negative( despite one that came back positive for a quick second and turned negative). What is going on with me? I do not get it. I still have not received my period. There cant be any other cause besides a pregnancy. I am so confused. I always have regular periods since the time i started my period until now. This is horrible!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone been in the same situtation as me. I would love some advice/comments from you all.Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my long post. Thanks


hi - October 16

If you are 21 days late an ultra sound can detect the pregnancy.I would call a doctor ask for blood test and ultra sound.


Janice - October 16

I think its a little strange that it was positive and then turned negative. But if you were prego it would be showing up already on a home test. I would go get a blood test and a ultra sound. Good luck and let us know how it comes out!


owner to post - October 16

Well see, i thought that that was a bit strange for it to come back posative but then fade, and also, in genearl, have negative preg tests but still be so late. I have always been regualar. Also, a week before my period was supose to come in Sept, i got some bright spotting. Could that be the reason for the answer being so in accurate?????


Lena - October 16

A uterine infection, persistent CL, or ovarian cyst can also give you the symptoms you are describing.


owner to post - October 16

To Lena, well see, i am fairly young so i doubt that i have any of what you described. If anything, i would have allot more symtoms then what i am having. Everything with my body is regular and running smoothly but again, i can not say for sure, a "no" to what you have stated. All i know. is that i am not liking what is going on with me. I want to know the answer and now. I keep bugging about it, to people on sites of this one, but what can you expect? This is all i could do for the mean time, to get as much info i can get.


Jbear - October 17

Before I had my first child, there were several times when my period was several weeks late and I had pregnancy symptoms, even got bumps around my nipples, but I wasn't pregnant. In my case, they were caused by sudden weight gain.


owner to post - October 17

For the sudden weight gain, my weight has stayed the same for a couple months now. I was going into consideration about everything. Health, eating habits, just everything over all, but everything is normal with me and that is what is such an aw for me. Actually, last night, all of a sudden just watching TV, i almost felt this wave feeling inside my stomach and since then i have been feeling the needed to throw up. Till Right now i just feel horiable. I do not know if it is good idea to put a heating pad on ur belly, but i put the heating pad on low temp on my belly a little bit but that didn't seem to work either. I tried eating tums but that did not work at all!!!. As i am typing, i really feel that i need to gag but its just that feeling, nothing comes up. I am so despert to take the other preg test that i have but i think that i am going to weight 5 more days. Which this is going to be killer!!!!!!!!!!!1.


.. - October 17

As the 1st response that you got from "hi" why dont you get a blood test/ultra sound rather then making yourself go crazy with worry or wonder?! Thats really the best thing to do in this case...


Charity - October 17

I would call your doctor.


jenna - October 17

You could have a serious internal illness you should make an appointment to see if you have a parasite or bacterial infection.


lucy - April 4

i feel sleepy


fltjt705 - April 4

21 days is a long time, if your test is neg, make a dr apt and let them do an ultrasound.



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