I Am In Agony Please Help

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cindy - January 28

I know this seems like a silly question, but I am 10 weeks pregnant and I am so bloated and gassy. I am swollen and my hands and feet are tight. I don't know what to think. I am having such bad gas that wont pass. I am taking gas x and rolaids for gas and taking warm baths and nothing is helping!!! Can anyone give me some advice. Is this normal this early? I can sleep because of the gas pain. What do you think?


kate - January 28

Trapped gas, what I call it, causes terrible discomfort..here are 2 products...Ovol 180 and peppermint tea..both safe during pregnancy.The swelling is something I would contact your doctor for.


Rachel - January 28

Drink lots of water to help with the swelling in your hands and feet. As for the gas, since you are already taking Gas X and it isn't working, I suggest to call your doctor for advise. Good luck!


lilly - January 28

i dont know about that stuff all i know is that u shouldnt take a bath u can get an infection witch is not good


cindy - February 1

Thanks so much Kate! I will try these things. I hope they work. :)


kate - February 1

LIke lilly said warm baths should be avoided, sorry I missed that in your question.It is harmful to the fetus to raise your core body temperature.


trish - February 4

you can take baths when you are pregnant. It will not cause you to have an infection. You just cant take a HOT bath because it can harm the baby. The only time you may have to avoid baths at all during pregnancy is if you already have a yeast infection. Also during that time you will need to avoid bubble baths and things like that. as for your gas problem peppermint tea really does work.


Mrs O - February 4

Just a comment on the bath thing. I'm a bath person, only! I love my hot baths. I'm working on my 3rd child. I have never stopped taking baths, it is relaxing to me.



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