I Am Ovulating But No Baby Clomid

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Jessica - September 18

I am 27 and have a 7 year old from a natural pregnancy. I was on birth control for about 6 years, until I got married last summer. I have been trying to conceive since May 2003. We went in for testing 2 months ago, and we are both healthy. I AM OVULATING, but the doctor said to try Clomid. I am wondering if this is a good idea...I do not want twins or more. I DO want to get pregnant though...please give any advise you have...I am planning to start taking Clomid on Sunday.


Laura - September 18

I was on the pill for 16 years, married 12 and I have endometriosis. My OB/GYN who is a fertility specialist prescribed me Clomid because I was not ovulating (no period at all, no ovulation). I got pregnant but within 5 weeks I miscarried. When prescribing my doctor did advise that Clomid could create multiple births and is used by Fertility Specialists for woman w/fertility problems which I have. I guess I am confused as to why you would want to take Clomid. Obviously, you can get pregnant b/c you already have one child. I think if you can get pregnant w/o drugs you should try to do so. It seems odd that your doctor would even prescribe Clomid to begin with. Since you are healthy & don't have fertility issues you really should not mess w/nature. The drugs are for people w/problems conceiving.


Leslie - September 18

What?? Clomid is considered to be a fertility drug used to help those who are having problems with fertility. Why are you even considering taking Clomid since you know you can get pregnant (didn't you say you already have a 7 year old from a natural pregnancy)? You said you are ovulating so it seems to me that you just need to relax, make sure you are having s_x during your ovulation time, and stop pressuring yourself. I think by doing that you would find yourself pregnant in no time. Did your doctor review with you your time of ovulation & when it would be best to have s_x to become pregnant? You said you are 27? You have plenty of time to get pregnant naturally. Clomid can & will cause multiple babies. I am 38 and pregnant for the first time. I tried for 3 years to get pregnant and then I went to a fertility specialist. The fertility specialist confirmed that my husband was fine but I have fertility problems. After further tests she put me on Clomid. I got pregnant but I am expecting 4 babies! Yes, I said 4 babies! I am thrilled about it but if it was not confirmed that I had fertility problems I would not have taken the Clomid. You should really think about why you are trying to rush things. You already know you can get pregnant so leave the Clomid at the pharmacy.


Shannon - September 18

I would not take clomid or any other fertility drug if you are not prepared to have more than one child. It does not sound like you are ready for that reality. Why would you take clomid anyway? Why on earth did your doctor give you clomid? You have had one child already. What makes you think you can or will not have another one? Pregnancy can be delayed if you are stressing out about becoming pregnant. Also, have you been having s_x at the optimal time? If I were you I would not use clomid until I was confident that I was doing everything else right to ensure pregnancy. clomid is a huge step that it does not sound like you need to take plus there are other risks a__sociated with clomid besides having several children at once. You should reconsider...........


Trudy - September 18

I am 41 and due to have triplets (two boys, 1 girl) in December thanks to the help of Clomid. I suffer from endometriosis and after one tubal pregnancy that ended in the removal of one fallopian tube they discovered that my other fallopian tube was blocked with endometriosis. The only way to get pregnant was for me to take clomid. Being pregnant with triplets has definitley affected my health and I have had a difficult time carrying them. If you do not required clomid to become pregnant don't take it.


Ben - September 18

My wife and I just had twins and my wife took this drug so it can cause you to have twins or more.


Ranae - September 18

I was on this drug to become pregnant. I also miscarried but I don't know that the drug had anything to do with it because I was having fertility problems to begin with. My doctor did tell me ahead of time that I could become pregnant with more than one child on this drug. Good luck.


Bella - September 18

I would not take the drug especially since you already know that you can get pregnant. There are alot of things that go along with taking the drug that I am not sure you have considered. You may want to reconsider.


Corrina - September 19

I would hold off on taking the medicine since you are fertile. What is the rush anyway? After all, you are only 27 yrs old. Why did your doctor give you the medicine also? There are many other things you should try before resulting to drugs ESPECIALLY since YOU ARE FERTILE!!.. You are probably not pregnant yet because of the stress you are putting on yourself and your husband or because you are not having s_x at the right time of the month which is around when you ovulate. I am afraid your doctor might have just given you the medicine to shut you up (not being rude). The medicine has risks a__sociated with taking it and you can end up with more than one child. Why on earth someone who is fertile and ovulating would ever want to medicate for this is beyond me. I think you are crazy. ~~Former Clomid User with Two Babies~~


Jessica - September 19

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I'm surprised that this option is considered "crazy", considering that two Mayo Clinic doctors (1 specialist) have each recommended Clomid independently of each other for my situation. However, I did want to get another opinion, which is why I've posted on this site. Obviously, we know that we need to be having s_x at the right time, and we've been doing that for a year. We were surprised that we hadn't become pregnant, so we went to the doctor to rule out any potential problems. Although I'm only 27, I have a 7-year old daughter and we would like to have a child as close in age to her as possible. I think that is understandable. We are prepared to have twins (although the thought of quadruplets is scary). Thanks again for your input.


Tina - September 19

Two Mayo Clinic Doctors? Why haven't you seen a fertility specialist independent of the Mayo Clinic? Since you are ovulating it does not sound like you should be taking a fertility drug so I am not sure why you would want to put yourself at risk considering what else can happen to your body while taking clomid. I took clomid & still was not able to become pregnant. I also had to be hospitalized due to one of the side effects for 3 weeks. I realize it is your personal choice however, I would be careful. Much luck.


Vi - September 19

Dear Jessica: I do not believe people were trying to discourage you from trying to have another baby. I think they were merely trying to tell you that taking clomid could land you with more than one baby. Yes, they were also trying to tell you that clomid does have side affects. It is difficult for myself and others, it seems, to understand why you would want to take such risks, to yourself, when you already know you are ovulating and you have already had one child. It does personally bother me that you are willing you use a fertility drug when you don't need to. I have to use a fertility drug if I ever want to become pregnant and it has been an extremely difficult decision for me. I can take a drug to have a baby that I so desire but risk my own health and life by doing so. Why take a drug if you do not have to. Have you ever stopped to think that the doctors you are seeing are pushing the drug, although you don't need it, because if you become pregnant they essentially make more money??.. Please stop and think about what you are doing. It does not seem necessary.


Julie - September 19

It sounds like your mind is already made up Jessica. I wish you luck. I took clomid and I did have a healthy daughter (second pregnancy) however, I also experienced alot of the side effects. First of all, my skin pigment changed. I devoloped a brownish discoloration around my mouth, mostly above and under my lips. I also began noticing hair growth on my face and nipples, pimples everywhere such as my face, arms, back, and thighs. The worst part was while taking clomid I felt like I always had problems breathing and I also began having a racing heart beat. Everything went away after I got pregnant and was no longer on the clomid except the discoloration around my mouth and the hair growth on my face. That seems to be here to stay. I like you did not need the clomid. I was ovulating but I had tried for 2 full years to get pregnant without success. I decided to use the clomid at the advice of my doctors which again like you were through the Mayo Clinic. They never once indicated to me how bad the side effects could be. They more or less encouraged taking the clomid to get pregnant. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have taken the clomid. I am now pregnant a third time without the use of clomid. This pregnancy feels much better. I also am with a different doctor outside of the Mayo Clinic. I just thought my story might make a difference. Good luck.


Alie - September 20

Hi Jessica, I think some people have read your post in the wrong way because it seems a lot of them think that you asked for chlomid when really from what I can see you are questioning why the doctor recommended it. To be honest I'm as baffled as anyone else. Are you ovulating every month? If you are not so regular this could be a reason. Also, after coming off the pill your body has to settle down into it's own routine again and this can take unlimited time. You may have a different menstrual cycle from before you went on birth control and when you conceived your daughter if you can see what I mean? I'm not making a good job of explaining it! I think you should carry on trying to conceive naturally for some more time, after all it does take some perfectly healthy and fertile couples a few years to conceive. And I would go back to these doctors again if you can and find out more about why they recommended this.



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