I Am Pregnant 4 Negative Tests And A Possitive Blood Test

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Katie - September 10

Four Negative Tests and finally a Possitive Blood test. If you are worried that you may be pregnant don't always trust the store bought blood tests.


sue - August 13

I took about five home pregnancy tests and I was almost 2 weeks late, I finally bought early first response and it showed up I knew I was pregnant but the tests kept showing up negative. I wouldn't trust the store bought test either but a nurse told me that the early first response was the best and I believe it is.....


Katie - August 13

I agree!!! Thx for posting your response. I am way excited. I am just a little nervious!!!


SaRaH - August 13



Katie - August 13

Thank You!!!


jules - August 13

how soon are those tests accurate? could they be right after only a week?


KATIE - August 13



Amy - August 26



Michelle - September 9

I am in the same type of situation, but don't know if I am pregnant or not. I am 10 days late and had 3 negative hpt's. I am going in tomorrow to see my doctor. How late were you when you continued to get negative tests? When did your blood test come up positive?


TJ - September 10

All women are different and have different levels of hcg in their urine during pregnancy. Most store brands detect hcg at levels of 50 or higher so if your levels are lower, the test will not detect it..a blood test can detect all levels of hcg and exactly how much.


Diana - September 13

What about a urine test a doctor gives you? I have had 3 neg home bought tests and 1 neg urine test at my doctor but I over two weeks late.


Evelyn Garcia - September 15

im 15.. and i think that i may-be pregnant.. i took 4 test.. but i still haven't been to a doctor. two were positive and 2 were negative... CAN I STILL BE PREGNANT???


April - September 15

Yes you could still be pregnant. Oh and Congrats Katie!!! I took hpt's and they came back negative as well.. So I must say to not always trust them. Go with the blood test.. I cant sress that enough.. as I am sure Katie cant either! LOL!!!


sandy - September 22

Is it possible to have a fairly regular 28 day cycle but ovulate on day 11 or 12? I watched my cervical mucus very closely and it was very elastic, clear and abundant on day 11( very fertile ) , we had intercourse 3 day prior . today is 2 weeks later .. is it too early to have a positive result?? ( we are trying for a girl according to the shettles method :)


amanda - September 22

I took a test one day and it did not say that i was pregnant took another 3 days later and it said i am


Nicole - October 1

Same thing happened to me! Had 6 over the counter test, negative then went to the doctors their pee on test was negative and then took blood work and I was 5 weeks pregnant! If unsure get bloodwork done


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]



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