I Am Pregnant And Panicked To Go To The Doctor

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AALONDRA - February 24

I know this sunds weird but I am very panicked to go to the doctor, I have always been on those regular check-ups and I have heard many stories from friends about what they do to you (you know down there) and I am just dead scared and embarrased of all that..I have always been embarrased with this things..I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, i KNOW THIS IS BAD!!


P - February 24

I only just had an internal exam two weeks ago when I was 34 weeks pregnant. They need to test for some sort of bacteria... whatever. If you have it they get rid of it before the baby comes, no biggie. So you have a little time I think . How far along are you? It's really important that an obstetrician monitors your pregnancy to make sure everything is going right. Not to make matters worse but it's going to get a whole lot worse before the end. You should come to grips with that now while you have the chance. Just take baby steps. There is no dignity allowed during childbirth. lol


PP - February 24

One thing to remember is make sure you are comfortable with the doctor. I am a high risk pregnancy and coming into this I was very modest. And not at 19 weeks I am spreading my legs on command. You will get used to that part. But only if you feel comfortable with your caregivers. I actually told my doctor that I did not like anyone down there.


m - February 24

Do it for your baby. This is very important that you go and see your doctor. After the first time they usually just check your blood pressure, weight and you get to hear the baby's heartbeat.


Ashton - February 24

Like the others said- it is best for you and your baby to get regular checks. Maybe see if you can get a female doctor- that helps some people. You get used to the visits very quickly and there really are not that many pelvic exams considering how much you have to go to the Dr. during the course of your pregnancy. They've seen it all too- do it for you and the baby!!


rose - February 24

it really isnt as bad as your expecting...there is nothing they hav not seen before!!! i mean its not my favorite thing to do but it is necessary for the health of your baby and you really cant avoid it


Jbear - February 25

Maybe getting a female doctor will make you more comfortable. I've had an annual exam every year since I turned 16, so being examined while I was pregnant wasn't that bad. It doesn't hurt. Just wear clean socks, and if it makes you more comfortable, shave your legs before you go. (I had a friend who had to shave her legs while she was in labor before she would go to the hospital). I've always taken a couple of diaper wipes with me and given things down there a quick wipe just before the exam, so I'd know things were fresh. If you think about how many v____as the doc has seen in his/her career, then them seeing one more (yours) isn't going to be a big deal to them and it shouldn't be to you either.


Katie - February 25

My first visit to an ob/gyn was when I found out that I was pregnant. I knew I needed to go for my baby. I found a doctor that I am very comforable with and he allowed my husband to go back with me (spread legs and all). I think having a doctor that I trust and having my husband talking to the doctor while he was doing the exam really helped with my fear of going to the doctor. my first visit was the only time I have had a pevic exam since becoming pregnant (I'm 28 weeks). I figured I might as well get used to it. I'm going to give birth in a few weeks!!


tmcash - June 30

I know how you feel and it is very uncomfortable at first, but there is worse news!! The initial exam will be a breeze compared to the delivery. Your doctor should make you feel at eaze though. It is your baby and if you would like for everything to work out well and have a healthy baby then you should get over your fears and think about the baby.


AAlondra - June 30

I was going to respond to this post and then I realized I had posted!!! lol.. pregnancy hormones!! anyway so this was months ago and I have to say that I have been to the doctors already..I hated it like I thought I would but I guess that is nothing compared to what they are going to see when I deliver my baby lol..I just try not to think about it! the less I think the less I get worried


I know - June 30

I know exactly how you feel. My first visit EVER to an OB/GYN was for my baby. I was so nervous I was crying! If you can imagine that! But once I heard the heartbeat, nothing else mattered. The doctor could have stuck his whole hand in there and I wouldn't have cared. Oh, I was alone too, hubby was out of town.


D - June 30

I look at it another way - they chose this profession, so if they have to look at me down there, they deserve it! Granted, it took me about 5 annual exams to come to this conclusion!



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