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B4663 - July 12

I was supposed to get my pd. around June 23rd but instead I got "spotting" on June 25th. I am not sure if it was spotting or not but I had about a nickle/quarter size of blood on my underwear and I assumed I was getting my pd. It was bright red. I had no further spotting that day or after that day. I notice if I have s_x now though the same amount of bright red/ light brown discharge will come out. Not every time tough just 2 times in the past 20 days. I took 2 EPT 5 day sooner test or w/e and both were neg. I took one 1 wk after spotting and 1 wk ago. I was not stressed before but now that I realize whats happening I am starting to get stressed. There is a HIGH possiblity that I could be pregnant. I figured if I don't get my pd by the 23rd I will look into taking possibly a blood test instead of a urine test. Besides the "spotting" I have been feeling like I am going to throw up EVERYDAY all day long. I get mild heart burn and have to burp a lot. I have been more tired lately and want to sleep all the time. I have also become more short tempered- I am usually ALWAYS laid back and could care less about things, but it seems like the littlest things will either make me explode with anger or cry my eyes out. I am also very constipated- so bad that sometimes I cant even have s_x because it hurts for that reason!! I just need some advice!! About the preg. test, spotting, symptoms, what to do! My bf wants me to get an abortion but I WONT do that and I told him "dont make a baby the reason why you stay with me". I also need advice/ people to talk to because I broke the news to him a few days ago ( stress was getting to be tooo much) and I keep having bad dreams that he will leave me, be mean to me, ignore me, etc. I am just lost.


Teddyfinch - July 12

i would say you're not pregnant. the more you convince yourself you are, the more "pregnancy symptoms" you'll notice. stress won't delay a period. only ovulation so if you're still getting negative tests, you're probably not.


mrs riss - July 13

Hey i am not sure if you pregnant or not i am new to it myself (only 5 weeks) but i just wanted to tell you good for you standing your ground to your boyfriend. And if he leaves you if you are then you and your baby will be better off. You dont want a man like that being an influence on your child. Good luck with everything


Grandpa Viv - July 13

Your hormones are acting out overtime, but with a negative pregnancy test at 2 weeks late, the chance of actual pregnancy goes down quite fast. Are you testing with first morning pee? Did you have high risk s_x a couple of weeks before your period was due? Relax a bit and wait to see if the next period is more normal and the symptoms die down. If you end up still confused, that will be the time for a doctor visit. Prenatal vitamins are always a good idea if there is a possibility of pregnancy. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - July 14

I wonder about the type of guy your boyfirend really is, to be asking you to have an abortion. He definitely isn't the kind of person you should be with, pregnant or not. Are you really young?



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