I Am So Scared And Confused

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danipjames - March 9

My period is always very very regular... It comes on every 28days. So with that being said... My last period was January 28th and I haven't seen it yet.. I took a fertility supplement called FertileAid.. Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant. Well, i've been waiting on my period. It was suposed to come on February25, but I never saw it... I have been having the symptoms of pregnancy. I have been pregnant once before but I lost my baby at 19wks due to incompetent cervix. Since i've been pregnant before I am positive on what to expect. My nipples are getting darker, I have alot of va___al discharge, I have been very nauseated, I have been sleeping none stop and my face is breaking out alot... I have taken so many pregnancy tests until I am tired of taking them!! But, I know my body. I was wondering what was going on with me and why there isn't enough HcG in my urine to detect my pregnancy. I'm not sure on what to think so could someone please fill me in on what to do. I am going to go to the doctor, but my insurance hasn't kicked in yet so I will have to pay out of my pocket and that kinda money I just don't have right now... But can someone please please please tell me what's going on... Thanks so much&God Bless Danielle ?


missycc4 - March 9

Sounds like it. My LMP was May 20th 06 and I didn't know I was pregnant until July 23rd. I had a day in June of a few spot in my underwear and thought I was going to start but never did so when my July period never came I took another test and it was postive. Wait a few more days and take another test. It took 5 tests be4 I found out I was with my son and two were done at the hospital. God Bless and I hope it comes back postive for you and your husband.


bridgettebaby2 - March 9

i think you are!! i would wait and take another one. this is my 2nd baby and both time the month before i got pregant i thought i was dont know why but i was sure i was, and wasnt the the next month i was. but you know what it fills like and you know your body. so i would say more then likely you are. if so you should talk to you doc to see what he can do to make sure ever thing is ok. i had a mc before i had my first, and its hard to think ever thing is ok after that but i'm sure it is. but i would have my doc to check to make sure! best of luck keep us up to date


sososleepy - March 9

Hi Danielle. I'm not sure what to think on that one... so let's try the obvious; you tested with first morning urine? Of course you did. I'd go for a blood test.... Do you chart, and if so are your temps still up? That would be an excellent clue. Let us know, and good luck!



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