I Am So Worried

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no name 21 - October 10

I thought I was pregnant last month. I was having signs and symptoms like when I was pregnant before... And I had a "period" for 2 days, and it was early. I took a test after it was light and kept stopping and starting again for 2 days... The home test came out negative. I have had a period since then, but it's really weird. It comes early and will randomly stop for a day, a whole day. I am still feeling sick, tired, can smell a lot of stuff... But br___ts are hurting though like they did last month. I have been puking for what seems no reason at all and feeling dizzy. Also, I am getting the worst headaches. Usually I feel the sickest and have the worst headaches at night time. I don't know what to do. If I am pregnant, I'd be about 2 1/2 months, maybe 3. The doctor was concerned about why I feel so tired and all... She took my blood, but didn't tell me why except that she was curious as to why I am so tired. Do you think that she will test it to see if I am possibly pregnant? See, my mom was in the room, and she didn't ask me anything about my periods and all... But I have lost 2 pounds, but have gained 5 in the past couple months. I feel like eating, but things just don't sound good... Once and a while something will sound great, and I will eat lots of it though. Is it possible that I could be pregnant?? I mean, the test came out negative. And I probably wouldn't be getting my periods... And I am not having all of the symptoms. But, I don't know what is wrong with me. Do you think that I am possibly like this because of how I feel after having lost a baby in December? Do you think that my mind is just playing tricks on me? Because I have put it off as that for the past two months, and now I am getting sorta worried. Especially considering that they gave me an x-ray last month to see if I had pneumonia or something... Which I didn't, but I had a low grade temperature, tired, and my chest was hurting... Like, my heart hurts sometimes when I breathe. But it's not too serious. It's like.. heartburn or something. I just don't eat alot of spicy foods and stuff when it's bugging me... I don't know. I guess I just need opinions. I am 16 years old, and I feel lost sometimes when it comes to these things.


no name 21 - October 10

why won't anyone answer?! I really need advice and help on this :'(


beckyz - October 10

some times stress can play around with your menstrual cycle. Why don't you go to the doctor by yourself and express all your feelings


no name 21 - October 13

I would... But I don't drive yet. And it's too hard to find a doctor close that doesn't know my mom and my family... So, I'd have to find a walk in pregnancy clinic type thing.. And those are all atleast a half an hour away... None of my friends can/ will drive that far. I think I'll just take another test next week...


tish212 - October 13

right now taking another test is ur best bet...and try (i know easier said then done) to relax...pregnant or not stress is very unhealthy... even if the dr knows ur family legally they can't say a word they would lose their job...dr patient confidentiality is real and breeching that is an automatic lose of licensing for the dr...so reconsider talkin to one of the drs close to u... but also getting urself worked up with pregnancy thoughts can cause ur body to exhibit symptoms similar to pregnancy..and with ur stress up it makes them seem more pronounced...relax...and take another test and keep us updated on the results... gl


no name 21 - October 14

I will take a best as soon as I can get a little bit of money too... My family is having big money problems, so yeah... This is the worst time for this to be an issue, I feel stupid but thank you for not judging me. I will definately keep you updated. I am also relaxed, which is really good. I have decided not worrying about it truely is a good thing to do. It's scary though when I completely forget about it and then puke a few times and have a few cramps... Idk, I'll be fine no matter what this turns into though.


Grandpa Viv - October 15

Light bleeds are not uncommon in early pregnancy. The rest of your symptoms are pretty strong. Try a test from the Dollar Store. They are cheap and work well. If you are over 2 months preg you should get a positive right away. The doc may not have done a preg test. Don't wait, a baby needs good prenatal care. Good luck!


tish212 - October 15

I am glad to see u have a more positive att_tude..and u r right no matter what, it is going to work out... I hear a lot of people talk of dollar store tests...u might try one of them...I actually never looked...so I dunno what they cost or whatever. but I would think they work just as well ... gl...


no name 21 - October 19

dollar store tests really do work?? Because I don't want another false test if I am pregnant.... some symptoms are getting worse, some are lessening... And it's making me very confused... But thanks for the advice... I need to just work up the courage to just go buy one. Once again, thank you so much! You guys don't even know me but you are still willing to take your time out to respond and try to help me. Thank you!


Gla__schicky - October 19

Hey no name 21 It certainly sounds like you have pregnancy symptoms. A doctor I saw at a clinic told me I was 'stressed' and now I'm pregnant. I haven't had my period since August 23rd and had severe abdominal pains which have gone away. I am also stressing because they did an x-ray of my tummy for the pain but my preg test was negative then. A week later BOOM it's positive. I'm not sure how far along I am either yet. The doctor I saw on Tuesday told me not to worry about the x-rays because it is such a tiny amount of radiation that they use but they usually take precautions. Try not to stress to much, you never know it might just be stress. If I were you I'd make an appointment with your family doctor or go to a walk in clinic. Hope all goes well, let us know how things work out :o)


newlywed0915 - October 19

the brand at the Dollar Tree store is New Choice and is under $5. I think they're like $1.80 or $2.99, but they're cheap and work very well. I know several girls who've used them and gotten accurate results. Just try not to stress out sweetie. Everything WILL work out. Just remember, God NEVER sends you more than you can handle. Never. :-) keep us updated on your status and jsut eat healthy.



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