I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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Erica - August 2

Me and my boyfriend have been trying for like six years never no results. but my last period was on june 24 i went to my dr i had found out i had BV which is bacteria vaginitis she gave me some gel to use for that so i am cleared of that aslo she gave some prenatal pills because she know i want to get pregnant, I had intercourse on july 10 I was supposed to come on my period on july 22 but it has not came on it yet and i am feeling real tired and i can not sleep at night i keep tuning all night and if i lay on my stomach it hurts a couple of days ago i had cramps and now it feels like my stomach is real sore like i did some crunches but it is at the lower part of my stomach by the pubic hair and i be having headaches !!!!!and i be hot and moody!!!! today is august 2 I went to the dollar store and got a cheap pregancy test but it came back negative I took it at like 12:10 pm , but i am about to be two weeks late and i am have signs of being pregnant do u think that this cheap at home test may be false shuld i go seek a dr what could it be? someone please give ma answers thanks.. because I am praying that I will be pregnant


jb - August 2

Erica, Take another test with your first urine in the morning. It may be just too early to tell. Or wait a week and test again.


Jewell24 - August 2

I'm in the same boat my period was suppse to start july 24 but hasn't. I took one pregnancy test on Friday it said negative I took another this morning(Tuesday) and it was negative too(The tests were "Clear Blue"). I don't know what to do my doctors booked for two weeks at least.


J - August 2

The only advice I can give you is to take another test. You people watch your language!


Erica - August 3

Ladies I read the other responses please do not put yourselves in the same category as anne she is really negative, we are on here to help each other everyone do make mistakes when they are typing because I do it all the time LOL But just stay positive and please do not affend everyone else because you all seem like some nice ladies !! But everyone have a nice !!!! Thanks


From erica to jewel24 - August 3

Hello jewel Do you have a planned parenthood in your city? Because my Dr is going booked up for the next 3 weeks but but parent hodd is a place where you can just walk in and get the test for free, so maybe you should do some research to see if there is one in your city.


Karen - August 3

Erica, the best time to take a pregnancy test is in the moring with your first urine. At that time your HCG (pregnancy hormone) is a lot higher and can be detected by ANY pregnancy test. Much Baby dust to you and yours.


Erica - August 3

Thanks Karen , I am going to take an urine test at the clinic Friday, do you think it is soon for the hcg to be in my urine right now?


Sherri - August 3

I was late and taking test, all came out negative until the 16th day late. Calm down, wait a few days and test again. Good luck!!!


dayi - August 3

i have post alot of posts in here when i hear teenegers saying that they think they are pregnant but they don't have money.i always say buy the dollar store test they are only one dollar and they do work i agree with erica all you are doing is paying for the brand. i personaly bought the dollar store test they were negative and right i was not pregnant even thoug i was late and having symptoms so i went and bougth 5 more other test for when ever i am late.because alot of people have test positive and they were pregnant.


Erica to sherry - August 3

So sherry are you pregnant? on the 16 date did it come out positive


Jewell24 - August 3

I'm going to go to a walk in clinic, the waiy will be long but not as long as waiting for my doctor for weeks.


Erica - August 3

Jewell24 yes go ahead and go into a walk in clinic becasue atleast you will know that day and make sure you keep me posted baby dust to you


Karen - August 3

Erica, to answer your question normally for the time that has pa__sed the HCG hormone should show up by now. However I have a friend who had 3 negative pregnancy test results at the doctor's offcie with her 2 son. The fourth one was positive. She said she just knew she was pregnant. All the best and good luck.


Holly - August 7

Erica, sounds like you are in the same boat as me, I've done 6 hpt all neg, I am 2 weeks late today, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant though, I've got 2 sons 4 and 6, and the only other time I've felt like this is when I'm preg. Bloated, swollen b___sts, nasueas, backache, headache, tired, heartburn. I wish I could just trust my instincts and not have to be validated by a stupid stick. I was reading another posting on this site where a woman finally just tested positive after 3 weeks late, so there may be hope. I have decided to wait until the 16th (payday) and buy an equate hpt at walmart, You know I love a bargain too! Keep us posted, I'll do the same, happy waiting!


Amanda - August 7

WoW!!I thought I was the only one out there, I'm 12 days late and have taken 3 tests all negative. But I have never been one day late, except when I was prego withmy son. I actually just bought another test today, I'm going to take it tomorrow. Good LUck


From Erica to Holly and Amanda - August 8

Hello Holly and Amanda yeah that is real crazy that the test is coming back negative my fiance is so nervous he wants a baby so bad I have been praying to let us have a baby but when that test came back negative I did not believe it because I was two weeks late had real bad headaches and also gas and today will be the 17th day of me being late so I really think that test was incorrect and I think it was probley incorrect for you ladies to so yes we should all wait a little later and take the test so good luck to you ladies and make sure you keep me posted please and I will keep u posted also and amanda did you take that test today?



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