I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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From Erica to Holly and Amanda - August 8

Hello Holly and Amanda yeah that is real crazy that the test is coming back negative my fiance is so nervous he wants a baby so bad I have been praying to let us have a baby but when that test came back negative I did not believe it because I was two weeks late had real bad headaches and also gas and today will be the 17th day of me being late so I really think that test was incorrect and I think it was probley incorrect for you ladies to so yes we should all wait a little later and take the test so good luck to you ladies and make sure you keep me posted please and I will keep u posted also and amanda did you take that test today?


Julie - August 8

Erica, Have you thought about having your doctor take a blood test? Seems like there might be something else wrong?


Jewell24 - August 8

Just a little up date. Still no period and no news. I went to the walkin on Thursday they did a urine test that came up negative too. They sent me for a blood test and ultra sound too but I don't have the results as I had to do both on Friday and they were closed the weekend. So here I sit still waiting for a phone call that I probably won't get until tomorrow!


From erica to jewel24 - August 8

Make sure you let me know the results jewell because yes your is the same as mine but yes i am goign to have to get an blood test also because i do not know what is goign on but i will keep u posted


Jewell24 - August 8

I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!! They just called saying that I'm in early pregnancy! They say a blood test shows before a urine test and they're right, I had three negative urine tests including one from the doctor. I'm sssooo excited!!! Erica go call your doctor and ask for a blood test!


Amanda - August 8

Great News, I'm soo happy for you.. I just found I am also pregnant!!!!!!


Holly - August 8

congratulations Jewell!!! So happy for you! I'm still waiting a week to do another hpt. Unfortunately, I have no insurance now, and planed parenthood does not do blood tests. I think that the no insurance factor is what is making more anxious then i need to be. I would like to know asap so that if I am I can apply for medi-Cal and get prenatal care asap. Good luck to all that are still waiting like me!


Holly - August 8

Congratulations Amanda too!!! There is hope for the rest of us!


From Erica to jewell and amand - August 9

WoW I am so excited for the both of you , you should have seen when i read what you said you would have thought I said I was pregant I screamed like oh my goodness I am really happy for the both of you now I do have faith I am going to go on the 25 for my test but i am goign to take another urine test from walgreens proubley friday so I want you both to email me at [email protected] because for some reason already I feeol a good bond with the both of you !!!


Erica - August 9

Holly make sure you keep me posted also and get my email address and email me


sarah - August 9

I had my last period on june 28th i havent got another period since.. i also took two pregnancy tests but they keep coming back negative.. still no period?? good luck erica!


From erica to sarah - August 9

Wow yeah all my test is coming back negative to sarah but yes we both need an blood test because yes my period still have bot came and it has been 18 days so I will pray for you and you pray for me BABY DUST ********


sarah - August 9

good luck with your blood test, let us know what happens *LOTS OF BABY DUST FOR YOU*


sherise - August 9

gurl i was the same way. my period was suppose to have came on the 25th of july. now its the 9th still no period .trust me i know my body. but anyway i took two tests of the same brand i paid $8.00 for it. they both came back negative. so what iam doing is going to wait until the 25th of this month to see if it is going to come on. so i would wait until you approach your next time of the month. if nothing happens go to the doctor.


Erica - August 10

Sherise what day did you take you HPT? Yeah I am goign to go to the Dr on the 25th also . but I think I am going to go into another walk in clinic and take another urine test tomorrow which I know it is goign to come out negative so everyone wish me luck please and I will keep you all posted. BABY DUST ********


Sarah - August 10

my last was june 28th but my period comes around the same date every month so i should of got mine on july 28th, so im going to wait until august 28th and if nothing im going to test again



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