I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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Sarah - August 10

my last was june 28th but my period comes around the same date every month so i should of got mine on july 28th, so im going to wait until august 28th and if nothing im going to test again


STEPHANIE - August 10



Erica - August 11

Girls I went and took another HPT and it came negative now this will be three weeks that my period will be late I really have an feeling that I might not be pregnant and it make me so sad ,well sense i did not have no period last month then that means I can not ovulate this month until i come on my period ? can some one help me with this


Holly - August 11

Hey erica, hang in there, wait for the blood test to be so sure. You don't need to have your period to ovulate, thats why the tell young girls they can get pregnant without ever having had their period. Having a period is helpful in predicting ovulation, if you're regular. I still haven't had a period, the last time i tested was sunday morning, still neg. I'm still pretty sure that i am preg, still waiting it out. Gonna buy a sensitive test on tuesday (payday), will keep you posted.


Erica - August 15

Hello Holly , Make sure you let me know tuesday if your test comes back positive!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Well I still Have not came on my period yet it is three weeks and three days this has not ever happened to me my period being this late so I hope and pray that I am pregnant!!! Well I have been having headaches everyday and I have been urinating alot especially during the time i am sleep like 1and 5 in the morning !!! my stomach is bloated i can not b___ton my clothes at all I have to sit with them unb___ton!! but that is it i am not throwing up or anything I have some feelings like I am about to throw up some times but it do not come out. plus my appet_te is more greater. But ladies I do not know what is goign on like I said I took another home pregnancy test thursday and it came back negative. So wish me luck please because really want a baby. BABY DUST********


Lena - August 15

An infection, such as bacteria vaginitis , can cause late af, stomach aches, (and high temps if you are bbt). Perhaps the gel your dr gave you wasn't an effective antibiotic for your virus strain. Sometimes viruses need gram positive while others need gram negative antibiotics, and this can only be determined after a culture and sensitivity test. Regarding your neg hpt after 2 weeks, even the weakest of hpt would be able to detect hCG in the blood.


Erica - August 15

well Lena sense I have tooking the gel Which was in june after I was finish taken I did not get the cramps and sharp pains that i used to get from the bacteria because it was horrible pain and I use to have an certain discharge from that so all of that is cleared but when i did have the bacteria i was never late for my period do u think that the gell may have delayed my period but this friday will be a month late that my period has not came well I think u might be able to detect the hcg in blood quicker than in the urine because my friend tested two weeks after her period was late and it sadi negative but she went back in two more weeks and then it was positive.


Holly - August 16

Hi erica, I will keep you updated. I'm going to buy the test tomorrow, will probablly take it fmu early wednesday. Lena, although it is uncommon it is possible to not test positive for 3, 4+ weeks late af. I've even heard of women that never test positive in their urine. I would love to have a blood test to know for sure, but I have no insurance at this time. I will continue to test until I get a positive or I get my period. I frankly trust my body though, my body is telling me I'm pregnant, so for now I just treat it as if it is until proven otherwise.


Erica - August 16

Hi Holly well yes it is really unbelievable that it has been this long and not period but i really thin that i am pregnant but i do not know it could be something else but i am just wondering why the test is not coming out positive but yes i will just have to go to the dr to be for sure holly make sure you let me know if the test came back positive or not BABY DUST ***** and good luck


Holly - August 17

well, another negative. I bought a 2 pack so i'll test again this weekend. Still no period though, and i felt so nausueas this morning. weirdness. Will keep you posted, You do the same erica. Take care!


Erica - August 17

Hello again Holly, I think I know what it might be I think we might have gotten pregnant a week or some days before we was supposed to come on our period that is why it is not showing because the hcg in our urine is not stong enough to be detected that happend to a friend of mines so that is what it is probley is! But I told my Dr what is going on so I am going to see her next thursday. And Holly you need to go see a DR. But I will keep you posted make sure you let me know what that test say this weekend!!!! BABY DUST *******


Stephanie - August 17

Don't freak out! When I got pregnant for my son 3 yrs ago I had the same problem. I didn't have a period and each week that past w/out a period I took a test and they were all negative. On the fourth test, a month past my missed period, it showed up very very lightly! But sure enough I was PREGNANT! Wait another week or two and then take another test early in the morning! They say that is when the pregnancy hormone shows up best in your urine! Living proof! I am now pregnant again and when I found out this time I hadn't missed my period yet. It was 4 days before my period was supposed to come and I was urinating like I don't know what! I bought a pregnancy test even though I thought the same thing could happen again. At 5 am in the morning when my husband was getting ready for work I took a test and walked out of the bathroom. My husband was like what did it say, I said no, he was like awww its okay baby we can try again next month, and then I said no baby I didn't look! So we both went into the bathroom and picked up the test and I started jumping up and down and he was like yeah right, I was like it says yes. He hugged me and we cried together! It was the greatest feeling in the world. Good Luck to you Erica, I wish you all the luck in the world!


Erica - August 17

Thanks so much Stephanie for that i really needed that it was motivation for me!!! Now I really have hope!! Yes that is what I think might happend because I did hear that the urine test works best when the menstrual is a month late but I hope that is what it is I know you was really happy when you found out that you were pregnant I am so happy for you and your husband congratulations and much luck to you both and stay tuned because I am going to let you all know what goes on next thursday BABY DUST *******


Holly - August 18

You're right Erica, I do need to see a Dr., without insurance it is a hard task though. I did call planned parenthood again and told them about my situation, the lady there said if I got negative results on 2 of their tests but continued to have symptoms that they would call for blood work, so I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. She said that their urine tests are really sensitive, but I guess we'll see tomorrow. Good Luck at your appointment, keep me posted. Congratulations Stephanie!


shayla - August 18

on my god!!! i thought i was crazy!!! i am 10 days late and havent gotten my period yet///i went to the doctor b/c i am having all the symptoms except sore b___sts and the test came up negative...i took an hpt and got negative also...i dont understand what is wrong///do ur b___st have to be sore for u to be pregnant?


Michelle - August 18

It is always best to take a home pregnancy test twice. Make sure you take it in the morning because the prgenancy hormone in the urine is at its highest rate when you first empty your bladder. You may also want to seek the advice of your OB/GYN. You may have ovarian cyst that can cause some of the same symptoms you are describing. Take it again and get medical attention too because there is always the possibility of infections such as yeast or STDs,be sure



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