I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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Ericq - August 29

Hello holly how are you had me laughing with that wtf?? that was funny but yeah they will not tell you have to wait until your dr tell you they is doing that your dr can get payed everytime they see u. So have you gotten your period yet? wow you know what it is very weird that you are saying about the astma becasue i having been not able to breath i will have to go outide and breath because I have been short of breath it has been really crazy!!! Well I have not came on my period yet but I am going to call them and get my results


Holly - August 29

Hey Erica, Did you get you results yet? I went ahead and schedualed a pelvic for this Friday. Its weird how I thought since my blood test was negative, and the whole being pregnant thing was really the only thing stressing me out, I thought knowing that I'm not pregnant would relax me and bring it on. Instead I'm just getting the symptoms worse, so I'm stumped. Then i read in another forum (whether blood tests can be wrong) and this girl Apryl said yes they can, she's 4 months pregnant and only now just got a positive result. I'm tripping out on this whole thing. here's the link: http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-Can_blood_tests_be_wrong_/ I'm the last entry on there. but geez, Its nice to know I still could be pregnant and I'm not just going wacky. I am a little whacky, but not enough to imagine myself pregnant, especially since I wasn't trying. Anyway, hope you get your positive result, let me know.


Erica - August 30

Hey holly yes she said that the blood test was negative.But you know even though my period has not came yet we was still ttc but this morning when I woke up I wiped myself and it was some real light pink blood and I mean that it was pink and I nevered had that before it was real bright pink but then it was not more after that do anyone know what that was????


Holly - August 30

Erica, Sounds like implantation bleeding. Have you been using ovulation tests to know when you are ovulating? It could also be just the begining of your period. I have has periods where i just spotted the first day, and the next day the flow began. Keep me posted. I still have not even gotten a drop, no spotting, no nothing. I have had some cramping and pulling feeling in my uterus. My dr. appt is friday, but i doubt I'll be getting any answers then.


Sdgirl - August 30

Erica, It sounds like implant bleeding. And in your case you want to get pregnant right? I had a light bleeding when I was suppose to have my period and it was implant bleeding. So watch your blood if it goes away, it is not your period. That happend to me two months in a row. It is a little tricky. Sdgirl


Erica - August 31

Hello holly ans sdgirl well yes that was really suprising for me to see that yesterday it took me by storm because I did not know what it was but I have not had any more signs of blood sense that incident yesterday so sdgirl you said that u have the same thing also huh so how long after the implanation bleeding can i test?


stacy25 - August 31

you can test with first reponse 5 days earlier test it will pick up ral ight then agin i do not like no test on the maket 10 of them told me neg blood test told me neg i finlly got blood test to c if i was pregnant nd it can up postive i went to the dr two weeks after the blood test and they did a urine test came up neg but she retested me and it came up postive keep posted baby dust to u


Holly - August 31

Hey Erica, I tried to respond earlier and the power supply to my computer c___pped out. All fixed now, I was gonna say there are some tests that you can test as early as 7-10 days after conception, but i would wait at least 2 weeks, those tests can get expensive, as you know, and no sense testing too early and getting a false negative. Well this afternoon i started having some brown discharge, so perhaps I will finally start my period after nearly 7 weeks late. I'm going to wait till tomorrow to see what happens and then cancel my pelvic for friday if the flow starts up. so far its just when I wipe, but I'm having cramping too so it feels like it will start soon. Congratulations stacy on your positive! Aren't those hpt a pain? hehe, Anyway still don't know why my nipples leaked, but oh well, guess it will be a strange mystery.Take it easy now, keep me posted Erica.


Sdgirl - August 31

Erica, I waited a week after that to test. But you can also try an EPT if you want. I just bought one that had two or three tests inside. Just in case I had to test again. My friend took a test and she was looking for a plus sign. I didn't get that one. I used Accu clear. It shows two one line in the response window and one line in the results window. So we will see if I'm pregnant for sure when I get my blood work done. Yes I thought that my period could be starting but it went away within a few min. But all my symptoms are here. I have the fatigue, I had the nausea. I have not had my period for two months. Good luck. Sdgirl


Holly - September 1

Hey sdgirl, when is your blood test? I went back and read your earlier postings, did you figure out how far along you are yet? They calculate from your last period, not your last missed period. Its not always accurate though, especially if ovulation is off. Well my period has still not started up, just the brown discharge spotting, so i kept my pelvic appt. Hope I get some answers tomorrow.


Sdgirl - September 1

Holly, Yes my last regular period was June 20th. So I'm about 10 weeks. My appt is Sept 21st. My neuro is trying to get me an earlier appt also, and I'm a high risk preg. so I have to see an high risk doc as well. Do you think I should take my other preg test to make sure they both come out positive? Sdgirl


ali - September 2

erica i am looking for the same advice my period was due on the 20 of august i did a test last night and it came back negitive i have been having period pains for three days but still no period i am going to see my doctor i sugest you do the same good luck


Holly - September 2

hey sdgirl, you tested a week ago right? I don't see the need to test again, unless you just want to see that rea__suring second line. I read that you are a high risk preg., have you been having any signs of miscarriage that makes you want to test again? Testing again won't hurt anything, so if you feel like you want too, go right ahead. 3 weeks is a long time to wait to see your dr. , especially if you are high risk, but I wouldn't worry about that too much, by then you will be in you second trimester. Just relax, take it easy, take good care of yourself. How's the caffine weening going?


Erica - September 2

Hello ladies and hello ali well ali your cycle might be just coming late so just give it another week and then if it do nor come then tkae a pregnacy test and keep us posted. Well ladies I have not came on my period yet i just had that little stirng of pink blood that came a couple days afo but nothin after that i will test in proble two weeks.Well stacey congratulation fro your new bundle of joy so u said that u had an blood test and tha came up negative at first ? Well ladies I will keep u posted


Sdgirl - September 3

Hi Holly, I know it's a long time to wait for my exam. I'm hoping my neuro can find a good obgyn for me that is sooner than the 21st. No I have not had any signs of a misscarriage. I'm really feeling pregnant. I have not gained weight yet. This is only my first trimester. I hope my epilepsy meds won't hurt my baby. My neuro said it was safer for me to take the meds than for me to get off of it and have a seizure. He might consider lowering the dosage. We will have to see what the high risk doc says. Oh the caffine weening is going well. When I want a soda I drink sprite. And if I want coffee I drink decaf. I know it still has some caffine in it but I can't stop all together. I think one day I might give it up if I ween myself off of it slowly enough. Wish me luck on an earlier appt. Sdgirl


chelley - September 7

I think that I might be pregnant now and maybe have had some implantion.bleeding on sat. today is tues. I had a burnt color discharge not really red or brown but it was stringy it was more red though anyone ever hear of this? it was only there when I wiped and never got any more of it. I'm going to wait until the 14th to get a blood test. But with my first pregnancy I was 7wks pregnant pefore i got a pos. urine test. and 5 wks.whe I finally got a blood test i kept testing even after I knew becuase I had bought so many and was curious to when it would show up. so don't give up hope too soon but I never had implantation with my son so I don't know what it would look like or if it could be like I discribed.....any input would be appreciated....was suppose to start the first week of Sept so it still can come so now I'm praying so hard i want another baby so bad.....good luck to you all



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