I Am Two Weeks Late But The Test Said Negative Help Me

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chelley - September 7

I think that I might be pregnant now and maybe have had some implantion.bleeding on sat. today is tues. I had a burnt color discharge not really red or brown but it was stringy it was more red though anyone ever hear of this? it was only there when I wiped and never got any more of it. I'm going to wait until the 14th to get a blood test. But with my first pregnancy I was 7wks pregnant pefore i got a pos. urine test. and 5 wks.whe I finally got a blood test i kept testing even after I knew becuase I had bought so many and was curious to when it would show up. so don't give up hope too soon but I never had implantation with my son so I don't know what it would look like or if it could be like I discribed.....any input would be appreciated....was suppose to start the first week of Sept so it still can come so now I'm praying so hard i want another baby so bad.....good luck to you all


Sdgirl - September 22

Chelley, I had implat_tion bleeding but it was brownish. If its pink I would think its ok. I had my first dr. appt I would have been 13 weeks but I had and U/s done and it only showd a sac and no embryo. So I have to go to hospital so they can do a more extensive U/s to confirm I have a blighted Ovum. Its where all the signs or preg is there but the sperm and egg didn't make the embryo. It is also called a spontaneous misscarriage. This was my first child. I will be devastated to get the information confirmed today. I hope you get pregnant Chelley good luck. Sdgirl


chelley - September 23

to sdgirl-Thanks for responding believe it ornot I have not yet taken a pregnancy test....on the 14th i started getting cramps....so I waited thinking my period would come on the 16-17th had brown spotting not very much thought my period was going to come and get heavier but nothing....I'm going to go on Monday for a blood test.....I've just been to busy and just got to the states on the 15th from Guam.....another thing anyone ever been pregnant and have lots of v____al discharge it seems to of increased within the last month I constantly feel wet its gross..... I was feeling nausiated all last week but never threw up.....I'm also either constipated or have infrequent bowel movements which is weird I'm always regular....other than that no other pregnancy symptoms.....if Iam this pregnancy is way different from my first.....thanks for responding I'll keep you posted.....let me know how you're also doing....good luck


Erica - September 23

Hello ladies and hello holly I am so sorry I have not been online for a long time I have been just really stressed about this whole situation I finally started my period on septembet 15 and i am still on my period it has been two weeks and a day and i am still on my period I wishmy period will just be regulary I am realy fed up and also I am really ready to give upon trying to have an baby becasue it has been just really stressful that I am not getting pregant but holly email me at [email protected] well anyone can email me and keep in touch and best wishes to everyone . BABY DUSt****


ally - September 25

Erica, i agree its unfair that some people who dont want kids have them and those who do can't, its cruel and although i am not religious it makes u wonder why god makes it that way, maybe he is testing you, anyhow i wish you all the success in the world for getting pregnant and as much as it hurts keep fighting and never give up. Remember if its meant to be, it will be,


Erica - September 26

Hello Ally thank you so much for that inspiration. Today I had went to my best friend baby shower I wanted to cry so bad becasue I wish that was me sitting up their having a baby shower but I am happy for her and I am the god mother but everyone please pray for me i am wondering today will make two weeks and four days sense I been on my period when will I be fertil will I be fertil after this can some one help me with this.


chelley to Erica - September 26

Erica, I've neverresponded to yourposts in thepast but I've been reading them. and I just wanted to tell how sorry Iam I know it can be hard. When I was 17 I had a lo tof problems with my reproductive organs and after 5 surgeries they toldme that I'd never be able to have children. I got married when I was 20 andafter 3 misscarriages I finally had a little boy he's two now and we're trying for our second.....I just want to encourages you that it will happen medically I wasn't suppose to have a baby and I do...I don';t know if you belive in prayer but I know for sure that I do I have proof that it works...Nothingis too hard for God...If you don't mind just letting you know that I could pray with you Becuase I know the pain that you were talking about...I had my first miscarriage the day aftermy sister had her son and then all my friends started having babies it was hard...but now I have a little boy and I might be pregnant again....it will happenfor you...God bless you


Erica - September 26

Thank you chelley I am glad that you decided to respond back because your advice was a great gift to me but chelly atleast when u did have them abortion which I am sorry to hear that but u knew that u can get pregnant atleast I have nevered ever gotten pregnant at all if I atleast new that I can get pregnant I will feel better but it nevered came what did they say was the problem with u that u were having so many miscarriages but I am so happy for u that god gave u your gift yes I do pray to god for that so maybe I have to wait but i am a little impatient but chelley I will be glad if u can keep in touch with me so I can explain to u how I feel because u do understand what I am saying because u been through the pain many people say they understand but they really do not.


Erica - September 26

Sorry chelley I meant to saymisscarriage not abortion I am really sorry for that


chelley - September 27

Erica, I started off with endometriosis. I had surgery to have that cleared then one week later I got it like ten times worse had to have another surgery a month later then I got severe scar tissue...they tried to clear that and it ended up worse I then developed cysts that had to be removed...and got worse scaring. The pain was worse than having endometriosis....I stopped getting a period and started getting hot flashes and spotting every other month until my periods completly stopped.....my doctor said it looked like my body had gone through menopause for reasons that he couldn't explain and had never seen or heard anything like this, Remember I was only 17 years old.....I got hot flashes for a year straight then I stopped getting them....I also was not getting any periods and the few ovulation tests that My docter had me take for six months straight showed no signs of ovulating.....it was strange I went to so many specialist's and got no answers.....it was then that I got desperete before God I was prob the only teenager praying for a baby.... not at that moment but someday..... I told God that I was sorry for putting my trust in a dr. who was only a man instead of God almighty and I prayed and fasted and I promised God that if he gave me a son I would do all that I could so that he would know God. I would also pray in faith and give thanks for the son that I was going to have.....I got married when I was 20 and never took BC I got pregnant 8 three months later and miscarried twins. got pregnant later and the same thing...it was really heartbreaking. I cried and I was so confused I felt guilty and kept trying to think of something that I had possibly done wrong.....but then I got pregnant with my son.....I started cramping and bleeding I went to the ER and they told me I was having another miscarriage and I didn't cry I started screaming it couldn't be happening again....they sent me home and told me to wait and come back on monday, it was Sat. night....they said I might have the miscarriage on my own but they wanted to see me on monday to make sure.....they didn't even give me an ultra sound. they just a__sumed with my history....went to my OB the next monday and told her I wanted an ultra sound just wanted to see myself pregnant one more time....she did a v____al ultra sound and then I saw this little heart beating away as fast it could.....Erica have you ever been on Depo? I heard some women have a hard time concieving after depo. have you thought about fertility treatments......I don't really know you but I know your pain and I want this to happen for you so bad....good luck take a ovulation test about 2wks after your period see what it says.....good luck and God bless


heather - September 27

I was the same way.. I was 3 wks late and KNEW I was pregnant, but the tests kept saying no. My OB told me sometimes your brain over rules your body and you can have symptoms of pregnancy if you WANT to be pregnant. That is apparently what was happening to me. The Dr actually had to start my period for me, as my body refused.It turns out I was not pregnant, but did get pregnant 2 mos later! Hang in there.. what is meant to be will happen!


chelley - September 27

Got my blood test results back they were Neg. I'm really sad. Heather....what did you take to jumpstart your period? I had my last depo shot in Feb of 05 and just got spotting on Sept. 16th and 17th.....I know I shouldn't be all that sad because I have a healthy perfect little boy but Iam.....baby dust to you all who are trying. keep me posted.


Erica - September 28

Hello Chelley and heather well I think that is what I need to do is got to a fertility Dr okay chelley I have been on my period for like three weeks when I come off of it do u think that I take an fertile test two weeks after I come off my period?


chelley - September 29

Erica, I think that maybe you should go to a fertility dr. especially since you been trying for so long with no results....I don't think having a period counts has a period.....I have a personal question but maybe it might help your situation.....my sister get normal period s every month and has not been able to get preg. her doctor told her its because she is very underweight......he told her that obesity and and low weight gain can have an effect on conception if this isn't your prolem at at I'd got to a specialist.....good luck don't give up.


Evette - September 29

I am i that boat also Igot my last normal period on july 21 and on sept.15 i started spotting and have been since all my pregnancy test came back negative also and i really want to have a baby so let's keep hope alive together God help me be pregnant.


Holly - October 1

Hi Erica and everyone, how are you all? sorry I too have been busy and stressed, and I too finally got my period on Sunday, it took me totally off guard. What's really weird is 2 days before I started feeling flutters, really rythmic, like hiccups. I had been trying to put the possibility of pregnancy out of my mind because the test continued to be negative and my symptoms seemed to subside, but then i felt the flutters, and 2 days later my period started. Totally confusing. I still feel movement, but i'm thinking i must be nuts. The period was totally normal, not heavy but not light, no clots or anything. I really don't know what to think.



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